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Boat Floater Classic Model lift. Better than Hydrohoist

Why are Boat Floater of Oklahoma Boat Lifts better than Hydrohoist boat lifts?  Well, for one, Boat Floater boat lifts are the ONLY lifts that have a Classic model lift which is essentially a perfect lift for rough water which is very common on Oklahoma lakes.  No Hydrohoist boat lifts are specifically desigened to do this!  Boat Floater’s Classic Model boat lift moves forward as it lifts the boat.  This makes it an ideal lift for boats that have canopies, towers and other accessories that may otherwise hit the roof if they are on a traditional boat lift.  In fact, the classic model is the ONLY boat lift that is specifically designed to move or travel forward as it raises your boat.  Hydrohoist does not have this lift style.  Neither does Econolift or any of the other “off-brand” lifts on the market.

Boat Floater of Oklahoma is a proud distributer of the Classic Model Boat Floater boat lift.  Since the Classic boat lift travels forward as it lifts your boat, this maximizes the size of boat that you can fit in your boat slip.  Since the arms of the Classic Model boat lift are stationary, the lift can bring the entire bow of your boat up and over the front of the boat slip and the entire boat can be stored under the roof of your boat slip.  Hydrohoist does not have a model that addresses this common problem or concern.  One the Classic Model boat lift is locked in the “up” position, all moving parts, bouncing and squeaking are eliminated.  This also preserves the life of your boat dock because there is no bouncing or pulling on the dock structure.  The Classic Model moves with the dock, it doesn’t pull against it.

Another important feature that makes the Classic Model a better than Hydrohoist choice is the fact that there is a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks.  All steel components of Boat Floater boat lifts are above the water which prevents rust and marine growth.  No matter what type of boat you own or which Oklahoma lake you are on, Boat Floater of Oklahoma would honor an opportunity to earn your business.  Call today 918-256-3330.