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Better than a Hydrohoist Boat Lift?  How?

The Boat Floater Classic Model boat lift is better than Hydrohoist boat lifts in rough water situations in particular.  The Classic Model is the only boat lift model on the market that air locks in the up position.  There are currently no Hydrohoist boat lifts, or any other boat lifts for that matter, that can do this.  Having a boat lift “lock” in the up position is important because it completely eliminates hinge arms moving independently of the dock structure.  The lift moves with the dock and remains rigid reducing wear on the boat lift and the dock structure.  This is particularly useful in rough water areas.

More Benefits of the Classic Model:

Boat Floater Classic Models are the most maintenance free boat lifts in the industry.  Boat Floater of Oklahoma is the exclusive dealer in Oklahoma that carries this lift.  The Classic Model reduces the need for maintenance because when it is in the up position, there are no moving parts.  With no moving parts, the wear & tear on the lift is minimal.  Therefore, the stress on the surrounding dock is negligible.  Since Bloat Floater lifts weigh more than most competitor’s models, they are also considered to be the most durable lifts.  Yes, even more durable than a Hydrohoist boat lift.  Particularly in rough water!

Warranty is Better than a Hydrohoist Boat Lift Warranty

All Boat Floater boat lifts come with a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks and a five year warranty on the galvanized steel parts.  Compared to a Hydrohoist boat lift warranty which is only 10 years on the tanks and three years on the other components.  This is important to consider because a boat lift is a large investment.  If you purchase a Hydrohoist boat lift and the tanks begin to leak on year 11, you are looking at a hefty cost to replace or purchase a whole new lift.  Boat Floater boat lifts on the other hand weigh more, reduce wear and tear on the lift and dock and are built with quality components that combined make the the longest lasting boat lift available.

Bigger is Better

Boat Floater has been building lifts since 1974.  It is not uncommon to see a Boat Floater boat lift that has been in the water for 25-30 years that still has all the original parts and require no maintenance.  Boat Bloater boat lifts are engineered and manufactured to protect the large investment that customers have made in both their boats and docks.  Boat Floater of Oklahoma has built a reputation as Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Specialist on the belief that customers would rather pay a little more for a high-quality boat lift product that will last a lifetime.