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Hydrohoist Boat Lifts v. Boat Floater

Buying a boat lift is a major investment.  When it comes to boat lifts, there are two brands that truly stand out among the competition, Hydrohoist boat lifts and Boat Floater.  Hydrohoist is a well known, quality brand among boaters and boat lift owners.  However, are there some clear advantages to owning a Boat Floater boat lift instead?  That is a question worth exploring before forking over thousands of dollars.

Are Brands Really Better?

Hydrohoist boat lifts and Boat Floater are two of the best known brands in the business.  It is really to the buyers advantage to stick with one of these brands when making a boat lift purchase.  Off brands like Econolift are exactly that.  Economy.  When it comes to boat lifts however, you truly get what you pay for.

What Advantages Does Boat Floater Offer v. Hydrohoist Boat Lifts?

When it comes to advantages, one distinct advantage Boat Floater has over Hydrohoist boat lifts is the availability of the Classic Model Lift.  The Classic Model Boat Lift is truly the most maintenance free boat lift in the industry.  Unlike every other boat lift on the the market, the Boat Floater Classic Model has no moving parts when in the up position.  It moves as part of the dock.  It is stationary so it does not pull on the dock when in rough water.  Stress on the dock therefore is minimal.   Since the arms don’t swing and sway with the dock this makes the lift very durable and ideal in rough waters.

Warranties are Important

All new Boat Floater boat lifts come with a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks.  Hydrohoist boat lifts only have a ten year warranty.  Thing is, you don’t want to have to replace the tanks on a lift that would otherwise last decades.  It is not unusual to see a Boat Floater boat lift that is 25-30 years old that is still working with all the original parts.  Boat Floater builds a quality lift.  That is evident by the excellent warranty, the life of lifts that have been in the water for decades.  Boat lifts are an investment that can add years of enjoyment and convenience to your boating life.