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Hydrohoist v. Boat Floater

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It’s not a Hydrohoist. It’s a Boat Floater Classic Model

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Not a Hydrohoist. It’s a Boat Floater!

So how does Hydrohoist compare to Boat Floater of Oklahoma?  When it comes to boat lifts in in Oklahoma, one must think of not only the quality of lift, but the water that the lift is being placed on. Oklahoma lakes are known for being beautiful and fun weekend getaways but that fun comes with rough water.  There are really only two lifts manufacturers worth considering,  Boat Floater and Hydrohoist.  Why choose one over the other?  That’s the question this article attempts to answer.

Hydrohoist has been manufacturing boat lifts since 1964.  And since then, they have had design updates that have improved the look and function of their typical boat lifts.  Boat Floater has been manufacturing boat lifts since 1974 and one model in particular, the Classic Model has changed very little since then.  The reason it hasn’t changed much is that it works.  It works great in fact, the Classic Model boat lift should be of particular interest as a unique option for Oklahoma boaters.  Boat Floater of Oklahoma has built a reputation as Oklahoma’s boat lift specialist and is the exclusive distributer for this boat lift design.

The Classic Model is unique because it is the only boat lift on the market that is designed to air-lock in the up position.  This feature eliminates the hinge arms that move independently of the dock structure.  The lift moves with the dock, adding rigidity to the slip, bracing and eliminating the pull and squeak that is characteristic of other boat lifts.  This feature is particularly important if your boat is on a rough lake or in a rough area.  Think Grand Lake.  Hydrohoist does not offer a comparable lift, so if this is an issue you have in your bock dock area, you really should take a look at Boat Floater of Oklahoma’s Classic Model lift.

Boat Floater boat lifts all come with a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks and a five year warranty on the galvanized steel upper structures.  Hydohoist has increased their warranty to ten years, but many Boat Floater’s can still be found working well after ten years.  Should a tank spring a leak in year eleven, I sure would rather have the lifetime warranty available.  In fact, Boat Floater of Oklahoma owner and boat lift specialist, Wes Hamilton states “I have seen Boat Floaters that have been in the water for 25 or 30 years and they are still working!  Original parts and all!”

Should I buy a Hydrohoist or Boat Floater?

When trying to decide between a Boat Floater or Hydrohoist, this is one distinguishing feature worth taking into consideration during the decision making process.  Wes invites you to give hime a call at 918-256-3330 and let him earn your business.  When Hydrohoist and Boat Floaters are compared side by side, there are some definite advantages to the Boat Floater.