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Hydrohoist v. Boat Floater

At Boat Floater of Oklahoma we are often asked if Boat Floater makes a better lift than Hydrohoist.  There are a couple areas when comparing Hydrohoist boat lifts to Boat Floater where boat floater really stands out.  One area is the Classic Model boat lift.

Boat Floater Classic Model v. Hydrohoist

The Boat Floater Classic Model really stands out when you compare Boat Floater boat lifts to Hydrohoist.  The Boat Floater Classic Model is tried and true the most maintenance free boat lift in the industry.  Originally designed in 1974, the Classic Model weighs more than most competitors’ comparable boat lift models.  The build quality of the components and the amount of galvanized steel that goes into each lift makes Boat Floater the longest lasting lift available.

Some things Hydrohoist doesn’t do

Hydrohoist does not have a lift that travels forward as it moves up.  This may not make a difference in every situation, but there are some very important areas where you would want to consider this issue.  Take for example and pontoon or tritoon boat.  If you are trying to cram a 22′ pontoon boat into a 23′ long slip, the ability for the lift to move the boat up and out of the water becomes very important.  You do not want the back end of your boat sticking out past the end of the dock.  Also, this Boat Floater Classic Model feature makes it possible to have the whole boat underneath the roof in covered boat slips.

Boat Floater has a Better Warranty than Hydrohoist

This one is a no-brainer.  Boat Floater offers a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks.  Hydrohoist only offers a ten year warranty.  The lifetime warranty is important.  A boat lift is an investment.  They are not cheap.  Why would you not want a lifetime warranty on the very thing that make the lift work.  Boat Floater offers a five year warranty on components.  Hydrohoist is only a three year warranty.  Boat Floater has been building lifts since 1974.  There are often boat lifts that are still fully operational that have been in the water for 25 or 30 years.

Premium Boat Lift

Boat Floater boat lifts are engineered and manufactured to protect the large investment customers have made in their boats and their docks.  Most customers, when they see the difference, are willing to pay a little more for a boat lift that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of ownership.

BF 66 CL Thorton 4969 Preview

Classic Model boat lift. Hydohoist doesn’t have this.