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Oklahoma’s Pontoon Boat Lift Specialist

Boat lifts are all we do.  That’s why we are truly specialists in determining the best option for your pontoon boat.  Pontoon and tritoon boats have gained tremendous popularity in the past 5 years or so.  As a result, we have installed hundreds of these lifts all over Oklahoma lakes.  When considering who to purchase a pontoon boat lift there are several things we would ask you to seriously consider.

What Lift to Purchase

Pontoon boats and tritoon boats are unique because they have toons instead of a traditional v-hull that the vessel sets upon.  These “toons” present a unique challenge when determining which boat lift will work best.  Before buying a pontoon boat lifts, there are several things to consider.  What is the size of your boat slip?  What are the water conditions around your slip?  Is the water rough? Or are you in a protected area.  Also, what is the “wet weight” of your boat.  Many times customers think that if the dry weight of their boat is 3800-4200 pounds, they only need a lift that accommodates 4500 pounds.  Once you add gas, people, coolers & water toys the weight of your boat can easily exceed 5000 pounds.  At that point, you are actually looking at a larger lift.  The next largest weight class is 6600#.  It is important to know a few things before making that first call to a boat lift dealer.

Why Consider a Boat Floater?

Boat Floater lifts are known as being the most durable boat lift in the industry.  This is an important consideration on Oklahoma lakes that are know as being some of the roughest water in the nation!  Especially on Grand Lake of the Cherokees.  There are some area on Grand Lake that the boat dock is constantly moving.  That means your lift and boat are constantly moving with it.  In most cases, for a pontoon boat lift, the Boat Floater Free Floater model with a pontoon “kit” or conversion kit is going to be the best choice.  An exclusive advantage the Boat Floater lift offers is a limited lifetime warranty on tanks.  So if they leak while you own the lift, guess what, they are replaced under warranty.  All metal parts have a 5-year warranty.  For details on the robust Boat Floater warranty check here: Boat floater warranty

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