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Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Dealer Specialist: Boat Floater of Oklahoma Reviews

Wes and Ray did an amazing job. They had to fight my old damaged lift out of my dock before even starting on my new lift. They kept at it and eventually won. I am very impressed with my new lift and can’t wait to use it for the years to come.
Billy Scott, Grand Lake, OK October 2019


Great service and job well done. Would use them again. Wes is friendly and good to work with.
Fred Forde, Grove, OK October 2019

Wes and Ray were outstanding in the installation of our boat lift! Wes was meticulous in the details and made sure everything was right. He spend extra time to explain to us what was done and why. He also explained the best way to operate the lift going forward. We are very happy with Boat Floater of Oklahoma and Wes.
Don and Brenda Webb, Grand Lake, OK October 2019


Wes was great to work with. There were issues with the installation and Wes didn’t like how the boat lift was operating. We couldn’t see anything wrong with the operation and Wes could have easily just left it as it was and we wouldn’t have known. It was very reassuring that Wes was straight-forward with us that it wasn’t right and he’d be back the next day. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a boat lift or any products or services he provides.
Chuck Cope, Grand Lake, OK July 2019
6600 Classic model boat lift


Wes at Boat Floater of Oklahoma did everything he said he would do, when he said he would do it, and for a fair price; no extras. I’ve had my Boat Floater boat lift for a year and have had no problems. The competition would not even call me back. Thanks Wes. I am pleased.
Bill Fulton, Lake Keystone, OK June 2019
4500 Free Floater boat lift


Wes and his guy did a fantastic job! They took their time to ensure that our 30 foot boat fit exactly as it should. I would highly recommend this lift and this company to anybody that is interested in a durable heavy duty boat lift.
Steven Holcomb, Lake Tenkiller, OK June 2019
11,000# Classic model boat lift (special order)


Wes at Boat Floater of Oklahoma has been great. The pricing on their product and service is very fair. Wes responds quickly to questions and service. you can’t got wrong with this company.
Randy Smith, Grand Lake, OK 5 star Google review, May 2019


Wes is a calm, precise, knowledgeable businessman, which made for a great installation of our boat lift. He took care of everything, start to finish, including removing our old, damaged lift we’d hastily repaired with nylon straps and the ensuring the surrounding concrete tiles on the dock fit properly with the lift.

There are various brands of lifts at our community dock, but Boat Floater is by far the superior product. It is solid-heavy angle iron & beefy connections at the moving parts with a heavy galvanized coating, plus all moving parts are above the water line, & there is a lifetime warranty on tanks. For Wes, “right” is not good enough, he made sure everything was perfect. For a fantastic product AND outstanding service, this is the place & Wes Hamilton is the guy!
Pennie Embry, Lake Eufaula, OK 5 star Google review, January 2019
6600# Tritoon Boat lift


Wes installed my boat lift a couple of years ago. Have had two lifts prior to this and felt really taken advantage of. Wes is professional and got the job done in record time! I haven’t had any problems and would highly recommend Wes especially whe dependability is a rare occurrence in this area. I am very pleased with him and his work. Thank you Wes for bringing back my faith in humanity!
Syd Christensen, Grand Lake, OK 5 star Google review
4500 Tritoon Boat Lift


Wes Hamilton sold and installed a Boat Floater Classic 6600# lift at our slip on Lake Tenkiller. He was punctual, professional and efficient in the installation process. Great service and product. Check out his WhamGuard dock bumper also, in case a wind gust catches you while floating on your Boat Floater!
Sam Sitton, Lake Tenkiller, OK 5 star Google review
6600# Classic Model Tritoon Boat Lift


Four years ago Wes installed a new boat lift for us. It was installed the day he said it would be, for the price he had quoted and worked perfectly. A year ago we traded in our pontoon for a new tritoon and Wes modified our lift to fit in the tritoon. We have always received the very best of service from Wes and it is always a pleasure to work with him. The Boat Floater lift has never failed to provide totally satisfactory operation and remains trouble free!
Charles Fellhauer, Grand Lake, OK 5 star Google review
9800# Free Floater Tritoon boat lift


Great Lift! Holds my boat steady in windy conditions. I have owned others, but this one beats them all.
Bill Davey,  Lake Tenkiller, OK 5 star Google review


Wes installed my lift in August 2017 and later in November we had the bunks changed for a pontoon boat. The lift works great and the installation was completed very quickly and promptly. Wes did a great job and made sure I was very satisfied with the lift and his service. I highly recommend that if you need a lift, call Wes a Boat Floater of Oklahoma.
Richard Heilman, Grand Lake, OK 5 star Google review
4500# Classic Model boat lift


Wes of Boat Floater of Oklahoma is the real deal. His service and product is first rate. After the sale he is still there. I’m from the Eufaula area and I’d recommend him with no reservations. Float your boat with Boat Floater! Danny
Daniel Holloway, Lake Eufaula, OK 5 star Google review
6000# Shallow Water boat lift


Over the years, we have used the services of Boat Floaters several times and each time had a very good experience. Professionals, with fair pricing! We would definitely recommend them!
Justin & Lorie Hicks, Grand Lake, OK
4500# Classic Model boat lift


When it comes to boat lifts it didn’t take me long to know which one performed the best . On a calm sunny day or in the middle of potential terrible storms, my Boat Floater has never let me down . My first lift was with a different company and after having a few occurring issues and sub par service I then went to a Boat Floater. The product is only as good as the service you receive after the sale and I have found both to be top notch with Wes Hamilton and Boat Floater either for buying a new lift or having adjustments done to fit your needs of your dock or boat.

I can’t say enough about the confidence and security I have found in Wes and the Boat Floater product , especially in rough water , it performed way above my expectations . I am on my third lift because of upgrading my boats and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Boat Floater and the service I have received from Wes to anyone ! Float on !
Joe Reidy, Grand Lake, OK
8600# Classic Model boat lift


This will be our 5th summer using 2 Boatfloater lifts that were mounted by Wes Hamilton. Their reliability has never been questioned. Wes’s installation must have been perfect. Very happy with the way they mount and operate opposed to Hydro Hoist. Would definitely recommend this lift for any application and Wes is a pro when it comes to installation and service. 5-STARS!!
Jim Dunford, Lake Eufaula, OK
6600# Classic Model boat lift


It has been great working with Wes Hamilton. I contacted him 2 years before installing my lift and there was never any pressure or hard sell. He was so patient. He was always able to answer any question I had and gave me some great advice along the way. When I was ready to order the lift, Wes was so flexible about dates for measuring the dock and the installation. He is a great communicator.

Wes installed the lift professionally and gave very helpful instructions for operation and care of the lift. Boatfloater makes a great lift and Wes is a great asset for them. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Janie Ellis, Lake Eufaula, OK
6000# Shallow Water boat lift


When we began building our home on Grand Lake, I checked around on lift companies available in the area. At our previous home on Monkey Island, I had used one of Wes’s competitors. While he spoke a good line, he seemed to fall somewhat short when it came to follow-through. When I met Wes at the Tulsa Boat Show, it appeared to me, from the start, that he not only understood lift sales, but service as well. We had a unique situation.

We owned two boats and were purchasing a new, larger boat that would not arrive for a few months. We needed two new lifts, but needed to store one until it sold and the newer, larger one arrived. This meant installing the new lifts and setting the runners twice, to accommodate the different sized boats. When I discussed this with other lift dealers, they seemed to think this was a really big deal, and we should store our boats in the water and wait on the lifts until the new one arrived. Wes, however, seemed to think this was no big deal, and agreed to perform whatever service we required. And, that is exactly what he did. installing the new lifts and readjusting them as necessary. This required a couple of trips, one on short notice when our new boat arrived.

I have been in business for over 35 years and have found this level of trust and service both commendable and rare. If Wes continues both to place his customers first and pay attention to detail, he will continue to have a bright future in any business he undertakes.
Randy R. Steele, Grand Lake, OK
9800# Classic Model boat lift


Just a quick thank you. That lift is money. Ropes you tied on back perfect. Jay lifted solo for first time couldn’t been easier. Thanks for being the best at what you do.
Jason, Grand Lake


Hi, Wes,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful our Boat Floater lift has been. We could not be happier. Our boat dock is in an unprotected rough water area.

The previous boat lifts we have owned have had components fail and cause severe boat damage. The Boat Floater lift NEVER even budges. It is VERY well built. The lock in feature makes the boat floater lift so sturdy, not even white caps will move it.

We HIGHLY recommend the Boat Floater lift!!
Sean And Ginger Ziese, Ziese Products Inc.
8600# Classic Model boat lift


A huge thank you for all your hard work yesterday moving our boat lift. Lonnie said you did a terrific job. We are building a new home at lake Eufaula and I just wish some of our contractors had the same work ethics as you. Thank you so much for your prompt service.
Joy Hamilton, Lake Eufaula


We purchased our 6600# Boat Floater Lift in September 2009 to replace an old H lift Hydrohoist that came with our lake property. After personally inspecting and comparing Hydrohoist, Econolift, Boat Floater and researching a few others on the internet, it was a rather simple decision to go with Boat Floater.

The operation of the Boat Floater Lift is the most intelligently designed and with the fewest operating components. My neighbor’s boat constantly bounces on his new lift while my boat is securely held up against the dock by the Boat Floater.

The price was very competitive compared to the competition and the LIFETIME warranty on the tanks sealed the deal. Wes Hamilton of Lakeside Supply was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the purchase process and the 4 years that we have owned the lift. We would make the same decision today that we made in 2009.
Billy And Janet Helm, Ft. Gibson
6600# Classic Model boat lift