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Free Floater Lifts

Free Floater Lifts


Free Boat Floater Lift

  • The Boat Floater Free Floater model boat lift is the most durable swing arm lift in in the industry.
  • The Free Floater boat lift can accommodate wider boats in a narrower boat slip.  The Free Floater is a perfect boat lift for Pontoon and Tritoon boats in a 10’ wide boat slip.  It is one of the Pontoon boat lifts Oklahoman’s rely on for tight fits in their boat slip.
  • Boat Floater’s Free Floater model can be customized to accommodate pontoon and tritoon bunks, tunnel hull, inboard or vee bottom boats.
  • Free Floater model is built with the same durability and attention to detail as the Boat Floater Classic model.
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene bushings on all moving parts for quiet operation.
  • The galvanized steel components of the boat lift are above the water which protects against rust and marine growth.
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene bushings on all moving parts for quiet operation, eliminating “boat lift squeak.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on tanks, five year warranty on the galvanized steel upper structure.


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