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Oklahoma’s Pontoon Boat Lift Specialist

At Boat Floater of Oklahoma we are known as Oklahoma’s pontoon boat lift specialist.  We have installed hundreds pontoon boat lifts across all of Oklahoma’s lakes.  Including Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, Tenkiller Ferry Lake, Skiatook, Eufaula, Hudson and many others.  We are the exclusive dealer for Boat Floater boat lifts in Oklahoma & are truly specialists because boat lifts are all we do.

Boat Floater Pontoon Boat Lifts

There are two Boat Floater boat lift models available to accommodate a pontoon boat.  The Classic Model and the Free Floater are both excellent choices, but each provides a specific solution to your boat lift needs.  Either model can be configured for a pontoon boat by adding a kit that cradles each toon as the boat is lifted or dropped in the water.  If you currently have a Boat Floater model that is configured for a v-hull boat, it can also be modified to accommodate a pontoon boat.  The main thing is to make sure if you are converting a Boat Floater lift that it is the appropriate size to lift the boat’s weight. Most pontoons require a 4500# or 6600# boat lift.  Keep in mind boat weight for the lift must include fuel.  Better to go a little larger than not have enough lift strength.

Boat Floater Free Floater Model

Free Boat Floater Lift

The Boat Floater Free Floater boat lift is a great choice for fitting a pontoon boat into a narrow boat slip.  Pontoon boats tend to be wide, so squeezing one into a narrow boat slip is tricky.  In most cases, you can use a Free Floater lift with a pontoon boat lifts modification kit to fit it into a 10′ boat slip.  It’s the most common model we use for pontoon boats.

Boat Floater Classic Model

Diagram and photo of a Classic Model boat lift

Unique boat lift design. Ideal for rough water areas. Can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of boats

Boat Floater 98 CL Strayhorn 1340 E

The Classic boat lift model is a good choice for a pontoon boat lift in two situations.  First, if your boat slip is in a rough water area, this is a better choice than the Free Floater.  The Boat Floater Classic model locks in the upright position, reducing the wear & tear on the lift.  Rough water bounces things around and the Classic Model reduces bounce this significantly.  Second, if you are trying to “fit” your pontoon boat into a shorter slip, the Classic Model travels up and forward as it lifts your boat.  This is important if you don’t want your pontoon boat “rear end” beyond the end of your boat slip.

Boat Floater of Oklahoma Promise

Wes Hamilton has owned Boat Floater of Oklahoma for over 13 years.  Every job is personal and he oversees the entire process from sale to installation.  Earning him the title of Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Specialist including Tritoon Boat Lifts.  Read our reviews.  We honor the opportunity to earn your business.