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Things to Consider When Buying a New Pontoon Boat Lift

When you are looking for a Pontoon Boat Lift, this is one area that Boat Floater of Oklahoma can be the most helpful.  Buying a new boat lift is something that is truly an investment.  A typical boat lift does not start out as a pontoon boat lift.  Generally, most boat lifts are originally built as v-hull lifts.  Since most lifts do not start out as a v-hull lift, you will need to purchase what is called a pontoon conversion kit.  Just to be clear, the difference between a pontoon boat and say, a tritoon boat, is a pontoon boat has two “toons” whereas a tritoon boat has three.  A good number of the lifts we install in Oklahoma are pontoon boat lifts and tritoon boat lifts.  More and more boaters are choosing a pontoon boat.  They are stable boats, fun to operate and comfortable for families or groups of friends to move about on.  So if you are one of the many boaters that are choosing a pontoon boat lifts or tritoon, chances are you will need a pontoon boat lift.

Why a Pontoon Boat Lift can cause challenges

Pontoon boats add a tremendous amount of advantages for families when when it comes to enjoying Oklahoma lakes.  As Oklahoma’s Boat lift specialist, however, we run across issues when customers have bought a brand new pontoon and now need a pontoon boat lift that can accommodate the weight and design of their new boat.  Many times boaters will emotionally purchase a new pontoon boat.  They can’t wait to get it in the water and start enjoying it, only when they get to their boat slip they realize they have a problem.  Pontoon boat lifts are not any harder to install than other boat lifts, the challenge is that buyers don’t always consider the size of their existing dock or boat lift before they purchase a new boat.  This is where a boat lift specialist can be most helpful.

What can a boat lift specialist do?

Boat Floater of Oklahoma is truly a boat lift specialist.  Boat Lifts are all they do.  Wes Hamilton, owner of Boat Floater of Oklahoma says the best time to call him is BEFORE you make your purchase.  He can come out to your dock, take a look at your current slip and/or lift and make recommendations.  Sometimes, it will be possible to simply add a pontoon conversion kit to your existing lift, however, he can also recommend if a new boat lift would be more appropriate.

How much will a new pontoon boat lift cost?

A pontoon boat lift when bought as a new lift comes already fitted with the pontoon kit.  While the cost of a new lift can be expensive, Wes will add the pontoon lift for around $600.  To purchase a conversion kit to make your existing lift a Pontoon Boat Lifts specialist, it will cost over $1200.  All costs depend on the size and installation situation so costs will vary somewhat.

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