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Okay, this is podcast episode, number 6 for boat floater of Oklahoma. We are going to be talking about the pontoon tritoon takeover on the area lakes and how much fun that is an and why you need a boat floater lift for your pontoon boat. So we are here with wes hamilton, that owner of boat floater of Oklahoma. good morning and tell me a little bit about these pontoon tritoon. That sounds like an invasion. You’re a lot of people such as myself in the old days, looked at pontoon or tritoon boats as an old person’s boat. But that has definitely changed. Is that because you’re now, an old person, that’s partly I am getting older and but just saying the we’ve gone down to Florida and other lakes and stuff and and we’ll rent a pontoon or tritoon boat. Everyone has a great time from the kids up to the grandparents on them so that they’re super easy boats to have fun on. What do you think is the reason for the big conversion now that people are going to that you’re seeing more pontoon and try tunes the tritoons. They are so smooth in the water and handle so much better. It gives you some what the handling of v hull boat, but you have a big open deck on that. Try to insult people can they’re not climbing over seats and bench seats in and going around stuff. Everything is pretty wide open. So it’s easy for people to walk around kids old people, and even young people such as myself, you can pack all your coolers skis all your coolers yeah, and then you can still do a lot of things that you did with your ski boat and run about and stuff like that you can ski pull. Tuberssome people are even doing the wakeboard surfing things with tritoon will just say upgrade if you upgrade to a new pontoon, a tritoon and join the join the the the wave of new boats. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma What considerations do you need to take an account if you want a boat lift, so you don’t have to keep launching and and taking that thing in and out of the water sounds like it would be difficult, they’re not fun to load up on a trailer after a fun day, I’m like so. Of course, you want to put it on a boat, floater, boat left and the ease of use of one of those, and you don’t have to worry about the waiting for a spot at the boat ramp for your wife or kids yelling at you, while you’re you’re loading, the boat or your husband, has problems back in the trailer down into the water andand. Then the wife is trying to load the boat on the trailer and she’s yelling at you. So you won’t have those problems if you just put it on a boat, floater, boat lift, what kind of star pro priate for a pontoon or a tritoon type, we start out with a 4500 pound boat, lift and you know, can be set up for either a pawn to nori, tritoon boat. Typically, the pontoon boat. We can go up to about a 24ft, long, pontoon boat on the triton left on the 4500. You only really want to go up to about a 22-foot. If you’re a real calm water call marina, you can do a 23-foot try to, but definitely on a 24 foot tritoon. You want to do a 6600 pound, lift what makes the what’s unique about a pontoon tritoon left then say a traditionalwell as it’s got. What we call a tritoon kid on it so like on the triton boats, you have three tunes or three logs underneath the boat and I want to try tuna boat floater boat left. We have two bunks that cradle each one of the tune. So you have a total of six bunks on a try to turn left and on a pontoon boat where there’s just two logs. You got for bumps on it, but those punks take that they got special brackets that go on to the list. So you’d have 6 extra brackets for a pontoon tritoon boat and for extra brackets for a pontoon boat, tune, tritoon movement and get a new pontoon boat. Do I need to get a whole new lift. You don’t need to get a whole new lyft. We have conversion kits that we can put on your boatmotorboat left and it’s pretty easy to do, but they weigh a lot and it takes time to put them on and how long does it take for you to convert? It typically takes about three and a half hours once we get on the job, I’m sometimes quicker, but depends on how old the lift is, and you know how rough the water is when, where they’re doing it now, there’s different, lift and dock consideration, so the size of your slip. How does that play into which? Which type of lift do you want to get for your pontoon, a tritoon and and how it operates? Ft wide slip in your buying a new boat floater boat left? We recommend that you go with the free float or model cuz. It gives you more room to enter the slap cuz. The boat left attaches inside your slip, so the attachments for the free, floater, boat lifts, don’t intrude into your space available space inside the slip, quite as much as the classic model does so gives you more room when you’re bringing your tritoon into the sea horizon and get it out of the water. What are you seeing more on grand lake or they tend to be pontoons or tritoons or combination? Tritoons are the most popular model right now in grand lincoln and in most of the bigger higher traffic lakes tritoon boats are definitely taking over, as the most popular vote is with that third tune in the middle of gives you much better steering out there on the water and more control more maneuverability. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma It also gives you a smoother ride. Grand lake can be pretty rough. It can be rough out there, soaking table, rock, lake and lake of the ozarks. The tritons really hold up on the the rough water in terms of pontoon tritoon models. Is it pretty even or do they tend to lean towards the pontoons sale on eufaula or boats cuz, just cuz, that the handling of them is so much better in the end, seems like the manufacturers are making less and less pontoon boats on the lower end, manufacturers still make quite a few pontoon boats, but all the higher-end manufacturers they’ve, almost quit, making pontoon boats and, if so league on to make an tritoon boats is. That is the key to the stability stability in the performance of the boat. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So when it comes to pontoon and triton lifts, is there a size limit on how? How big can you, how big of a boat can you put on a lift, not a size limit? In, of course, things are getting bigger and bigger, I I work, the boat shows and there’s some 12 foot wide tritoon boats out out there. There are 30 ft long. These are behemoth and I haven’t, put a lift in for one of those, but I’ve done quite a few tritoons that are 27 foot and let you know, I’ve put a few of those on 6602, but I’ve also put a few on that. 8600 lb lifts in and I always suggest to people to go with the larger size it specially. If you’re in rough water, you don’t want to be operating. Your boat, lift at max capacity, all the time, cuz anything working at its maximum all the time it is, is not a good thing, so so go ahead and go up to the next size. Larger it’ll be worth the money over the long term. If you going to keep your lift for the rest of your life to consider the weight of the fuel and anything that you’re putting on the boat while you’re lifting it or putting it into the water, all the manufacturers of boats with their boats as dry and a lot of times on the pontoon boats, they don’t even include the weight of the motor on the left. So those are things you need to take in consideration. In these boats are getting larger and larger so when in oklahoma oklahoma oklahoma, alright thanks Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma