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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma | They are classic

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Nope no I’m back to the beginning, you for boat floater of Oklahoma. I’m here with Wes Hamilton. He is the owner of boat floater of Oklahoma. And can we talk a little bit about the boat lifts that Oklahoma boaters have come to rely on that are available? You got classic. You got the free float or toast little about that yeah. Well, we got the both models and that’s unique:the boat floater. We do a classic model boat lift, it’s been manufactured since 1974, and we also have a free floater model that works I’m on a hinge, arm system, and that pivots-and you know that’s a model-that’s been reliable over the years and boaters have found easy to use and we got both of these models all over Oklahoma. We can. We cover lakes everywhere, yeah we’re based on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in northeast Oklahoma. But you know we do a lot of work down on lake eufaula we go to fort gibson lake, lake tenkiller, get the front of the slip. You’ve got to walk way there and it’ll bring the boat forward over that walkway, allowing your boat to be completely covered up. So it’s a the classic model is a boat lifts. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Oklahoma boaters have come to find that really helps them get more out of their docking and their dollar. Is it something that any other boat lift companies carry glover’s the only one that manufactures this model and this classic model that operates this way in, like said that, they’ve been making this one since 1974, so there’s thousands and thousands of them that are out on the lake and if it’s a boat, lifts, boaters are found and works in all kinds of conditions out on the lake. Any of these lakes here in oklahoma can get very rough. We often times have extreme storms in another unique feature of the boat floater classic model. Is it locks into place when it raises? So there are roller that a guide arm on the left track on and when the air is input into the lift into the tanks, raising it up that air pressure against those rollers in the guide arm locks in the lift and with the doc, so everything becomes as one with the boat floater classic. You got your boat, the playoffs and the doc, and they all move in concert together and that’s different than other lifts out there. Typically like ar, free float or model and you’ve got to hide your voice. Their level left, econo, lift economy lift. Of course you know the name says it all on those and then there’s other knock off brands out there and they typically work in a hinge, arm system. So they don’t lock in with the doc they move independently of the docks classic model is unique in that it moves in concert with the doc. So you don’t see your boat bouncing around out there and rough water in the list not bouncing around everything’s, moving together in the stable environment. That’s a lot less squeaky I think there’s no squeaking on our class classic model. So if you’ve ever been trying to kick back on your doctor back on your deck at the lake house and then enjoy a nice sunset and-and you hear your boat lift squeaking out there up and down up and down, train train, train, train, train train train tracks, you can get annoying and in the classic. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Model does not make any noise and that’s another thing. People seem to notice if they’ve had another brand, such as a hydra, oyster cano, left the bottoms up classic model all they make they make a free, hey, a front-mount left, and then they make a level list, and then they come up with something for the harbormaster, something something I don’t know and the swing a swing arm and their level left are all swingarm pivot arm style, lift eventually used as the bushings and everything start wearing out and you’re going to get a lot of squeak in a boat lift. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma What are some of the things that you need to know? Well, the first thing we need to know is how wide your boat slip is. So, typically, back 20 years ago, most of the slips or made 10 ft wide, and you had smaller boats typically then or that they were more prevalent today. Most docs are being built, 11 foot to 12 foot wide, but it is a key for when we manufacture the boat lifts, to put into your slip. That is his custom fit for your slip. So we need to know the width of your slip is most important, so should I call you before or after I buy my boat I would call her. I would definitely know the measurements of your dock slip, wealth in the links, and then they give us a call and tell us what kind of boat you’re looking at and how that fits within the doc that you have and I’ve had often times people by they get excited, which I completely understand. They find the exact boat that they want and it’s just the best thing in the world, but that you’ve got a you’re looking at buying a 28-foot boat and you’ve only got a 20 foot, long dock and you go ahead and purchase the the boat and don’t think about the where you’re going to be putting it and then oftentimes I can definitely be problems that we can overcome. 8-foot sound like when it comes to Oklahoma. Voters really need to pay attention to the size of the slip that they’re trying to get the boat into and what? What other things do they need to keep in consideration when they’re ordering a lift, we offer a free on the dock consultation so give us a call and we’ll come out and measure everything and, if you’re buying it from a boat dealer marina or something like a new boat, we can go by and measure measure the boat and then get all the specs on the boat. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So you definitely need to know the weight of the boat, because that’s what determines what size of boat floater you’ll need so boat, lifts, oklahoma boaters have come to rely on that the boat floater. It is specifically made for your the weight of the boat. So it’s not the length I often times have people call in okay. I’ve got a 24-foot boat. What lift do I need? It’s not based on the length of your boat, it’s it’s based on the the weight of your boat and oftentimes a boat manufacturers. Just quote the dry weight of the boat, so you need to take into account how big the fuel tank is on your boat and then, if it has any water storage on about, you need to know that and then also plus your gear, so that dry weight when it’s wet oftentimes increases by 1000 lb. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Oh, my goodness, what a what? What are the most common types of boats that require a letter at I guess! My question is really what what size boat lifts? Do you sell the most of it? What kind of boats are they for the boat lifts that I’m most biz the biggest sellers at the boat floater of Oklahoma are the 6600 pounds and then the 4500 pound left and then I’ll start with the 45. The 4500 pound, boat lift oklahoma boaters have come to rely on the classic model that that is for bass, boats, small pontoon boats that you know 22 ft under and the aluminum fishing boats and then small bowrider boats that are 22 ft in shorter that that goes on are 4500, pound left. Typically, the next left is the 66 lb, lift the 6600 pound, lift you’re going to be. You know the 25 foot, cobalt 25, ft tritoons your Malibu Wakeboard boats, Kemah tx Mastercraft in those boats right there that I just mentioned the wakeboard boats they’re getting heavier and heavier and we’re moving those to i-80 600 pound life’s often times now. So when it comes to boat, lifts Oklahoma boaters need to give Boat Floater of Oklahoma a call. Thanks, Wes.