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Podcast number 13 for boat floater of oklahoma. We will be talking about pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma, boaters need and those are available through boat floater of oklahoma west hamilton is here to give us the four-one-one on the boat lifts that foot of oklahoma has available, but we also are going to talk a little bit about the different lakes in oklahoma and some of the unique features of each one that makes them ideal for a pontoon boat horn teresa. What’s your favorite? What’s my favorite like it’s hard for me to say what my favorite like is cuz I ain’t enjoy all of them, but lake tenkiller. You know, i, think it’s my favorite like here in oklahoma. Why do you like lake tenkiller, lake tenkiller? It is very clear for like here in oklahoma, and it never seems to be rough when I’m out thereso, it’s a smooth like it’s great for families and then there’s quite a bit to do on tenkiller, but but it’s not overly crowded. It just seems to be the right number of people always at on lake, tenkiller city, say a lot of pontoons out there and we also sell pontoon boat lifts oklahoma, quite a bit of them on on lake tenkiller, so yeah, there’s a lot of pontoon boats and triton boats on lake tenkiller, the pontoon boats and triton boats are so easy to operate. The most of them today have a great outboard 4-stroke in engines, low maintenance, quiet and you don’t have to winterize and de-winterize the engine soda and got a large deck area for people to walk around on. So the pontoon tritoon boats are great boats for familiestwitter oklahoma. Imagine you install quite a few left on lake tenkiller list of private docs and also at the marinas like strayhorn marina, piney, cove marina. That’s a diplomat for you, so you are actually located on grand lake. What do you think about grand lake co offer so much for boat from great fishing on grand like it is a very large like so you can find areas. I mean I’ve, been working around grand lake for almost 20 years and still I find a new area that, like every year, I go to a place. I haven’t been to yet so it’s a very large leg, very diverse, and so many people want to say it’s a big money like, but it does havea lot of big money on it, but then it just has a regular folks. Also means big boats like that. A lot of people don’t know this, but there are areas of grand, lake, worth’s, it’s not accessible by the big boats. So in those areas it’s calm and people have. We are the regular 20 foot, boats and pontoon boats and triton boats. So you know:pontoon boat, lifts oklahoma are all over grand lake in boat left. What what makes it’s different then say:a v hull boat liftwell on a pontoon boat. You have to tunes that run the entire length of the boat so on a pontoon boat, lift you’re going to have wooden carp, banks that are set on specially-made brackets and but they’ll be two bunks for each tune that you have someone a pontoon boat. You would have four bunks on a pontoon kit, so I thought of oklahoma provides the pontoon boat lifts oklahoma boaters have come to depend on on grand, lake and other lakes. Are you also mentioned tritoon boats? Are the you see more of those on grand blanc tritoon boats are very popular on grand lake and we sell boat, floater tritoon boat lifts, all the timeso on grand lake. You mentioned it’s a big money like it’s a pretty rough lake in some areas. When what kind of challenges does that present to you when you’re installing boat lifts well, I have to do it during the week can’t be installing a boat lift on the the weekend, usually on on most likes, but it’s specially grand lake cuz. It gets really rough. When I everybody descends on grand lake on the weekend, so I typically install the the boat lifts monday through thursdays, when I’m putting in the boat lift. How do you only install them on grand lake, install where everybody has money and wants to pay me to come to oklahoma I’ll? Go there? Last year, I been I installed, one on a private lake around bartlesville I knew it was a 60-acre lake, beautiful hidden back in there, and that was a unique experience. Installing the boat lift there was that a pontoon boat lift actually wasn’t. It was for a fishing boat for bass, boat, sale for pontoon boat, lift oklahoma boaters can call you, but if they have other kinds of boats, I can call you to write him for pontoon boats, tritoon boats, v, hull boats, your wakeboard boats and your go fast, bowrider boats, everything I feel like forrest gump, fried shrimp cajun shrimp shrimp, but it sounds like there’s all kinds of boat lifts too and I guess that was my point. It doesn’t matter what kind of boat you have no photos of oklahoma has a boat lift for you. That’s right. We find a solution for you, and so one of our slogans used to be floating your finest. So whatever your your finest floating thing is we’ll find a way to float it. What are those well something unique features? Maybe not challenges unique features, because because they had the tunes on them, that makes them unique cuz. You could well the the list. Do you have to do some people calling tunes? We call him boatlift tanks, but in our tanks, typically will mirror the actual pontoons on a pontoon boat. So it’s kinda have a sympatico relationship. You know between boat, floater, boat lifts and your pontoon or tritoon boat. Yeah we’ve got a lifetime warranty, so you know that’s very important on a pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma, boat lifts, the only ones that carry the book the lifetime warranty. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma The main other brand here in oklahoma is hydrocolloid sun and the last time I checked. They had a 3-year warranty on their tanks, pretend might be 10, i, don’t know, ours is a lifetime, so 10 is longer than a lighter lifetime is longer than 10, butt lift, you’ve seen in operation. How many years has someone gotten out of it? The longest one I’ve seen is 34 years, so is it still operating? Well, it’s not now they they upgraded to it, but then it got 34 years and just thinking a boat. Floater left is out there in the elements with a boat on top of it for 34 years and that it is lasted that long, so a heavy piece of equipment that is out there in the elements to last that long I think it’s pretty good. Pontoon boat, lifts oklahoma boaters depend on boat, floater, boat, lifts, tritoon, boat, lifts, tritoon, boat lifts as well, and you had no send earlier that the there two types of models just briefly was almost out of time. What are the two types of models that are available for pontoon boat lifts? Oklahoma motors we’ve got the classic model boat lift. What brings your boat forward as it raises about the 30 in and then we’ve also got the free floater version that everything is below the water and protected by plastic bumpers. All the steels covered up so gives you a lot of space to bring your new pontoon boat or tritoon boat in for a pontoon boat lifts oklahoma, all right. So when it comes to triton boat, lifts, v, hull boat, lifts, pontoon, boat, lifts, oklahoma boaters can depend on boat, floater of oklahoma and your phone number real, quick 918-256-3330, and they can call you or go online to schedule. A free on the. Consultation go to boat, floater ok.Com Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma