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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Podcast number 11 for Boat Floater of Oklahoma, and we are talking today about pontoon boat lifts. Oklahoma boaters really seem to like boat floater of oklahoma boat lifts, but one of the things I wanted to find out about is why so many people are purchasing pontoon boats, west hamilton’s here to tell his wife, hard and you’ve got pontoon boats that have two teams and then there’s also triton boats that have 3:10, so they have an extra tune in the middle, and these boats are usually pretty long and they’ve got a deck that runs the entire length of the the pontoon boat. So there’s lots of room to walk around, so you can put a lot of people on there and old people can walk around young people can run around and it’s easy for moms to grab ahold of the kids, pretty easy on the boats when they get out of controlso. Everyone uses the term. Pontoon boat is pontoon and triton boat. What’s the difference? Well, yeah, the general term is pontoon boat, but whenever pontoon boat I consider having to tune so so one pontoon on the outside of the each side of the boat I’m a tritoon, they put one tune down the center. Also, so you actually have three tunes on the boat. Well, it’s definitely. The trend is going towards tritoon boats, cuz triton boats with that third tune. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Give you so much more control on steering a smoother ride in a lot of these likes here in oklahoma. Can you get pretty rough, especially on the weekend, so that extra tune in the middle really makes for a smoother ride than the old pontoon boats? You might have seen back when you’re a kid so eat, whether you have a tritoon or a pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma boaters can depend on boat floater of oklahoma. What lift do you usually recommend? There’s a few factors you need to take into consideration when you’re deciding which ad boat floater arrive. Boat lift is the best one for you and the best way to do that is to schedule a free on the dock. Consultation with the boat floater of oklahoma and will come out and assess what you need yeah, typically on it, on a pontoon boat. If you got a 10 ft wide slip, will do the free float or model, because it gives you quite a bit of room and all the steel is underneath. The water when you bring it in and we’ve got some really unique doc bracket covers that. Are the covers the steel in plastic for your pontoon boat to keep your pontoons looking nice on your boat. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So what kind of asked if I already have a lift? What do I need to consider if I want to put my pontoon boat on it? You need to assess where the the lift was set in your slip is actually attached and it if the pontoon boat is a different sized that the boat, flutter, pontoon, boat, lifts oklahoma would need to be installed either more forward in the slip or and I moved back in the slip. And, of course, if it, if you had a v hull boat before for the pontoon boat, it requires a different set up. So we have what we call a pontoon conversion kit and also a tritoon conversion kit for your new pontoon boat, and we can install that easily on that the boat floater boat lifts. So what’s the difference between a pontoon, a tritoon kit on the kits? The difference is the number of bunks that you have on the boat, floater pontoon kit you’ll. You will have actually for wooden carpet it bump, so it would be two wooden carpeted bunks for each tune that you have so it cradles each tune to provide stability in support for your pontoon boat lifts oklahoma tune. It has six wooden, carpeted bunk, so two for each one of your tunes and it does the same thing:it’ll it’ll safely, cradle beach, pontoon, on on your boat and keep the pontoons nice and support it and out of the water is a conversion kit available with a new lift automatically. We know you have to try to nor pontoon boat. It comes from the factory with the pontoon kit installed and so that that is definitely when you’re you’re calling in for a quote and make sure you that you’re asking for a pontoon or try to get with your boat floater pontoon boat lifts oklahoma one when you call in so what should I buy? First, the lifter the boat well by the boat first, but it kind of simultaneously-and you can give us a call and say:hey wes I’m, looking at this type of a pontoon boat and what kind of lift do I need to get to or can I convert the one I I have them often times you can convert the the boat lift that you have, but you need to take in consideration the the age of the boat, lift that you have. So if I have a new boat and i, give you a call? What what kind of questions you can ask me-and this is one the model of of the pontoon boat left or the pontoon boat-need to know that. But the best measurement for us to have is that from the center of each tune. What that distance is so we can properly set up your boat, floater pontoon, boat, lifts oklahoma correctly from the very start, sounds complicated. Can you do it for me? I can do it for you and oftentimes I go i, go out to the boat dealers around town, where people are looking at purchasing a boat and I’ll. Take the measurements I get up underneath the boat and put my measuring tape on it and see what actually you need to know. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma I’ve done that many times you have people buying, used, pontoon boats, I’ll, go out and other people’s houses and get down in the grass in the dirt, and all that underneath the boat and I get the measurements for you. So just give me a call they would you recommend that we call you first yeah. No, definitely call me first and we can get your pontoon boat lifts oklahoma set up. So if I am going to buy a pontoon boat and I call you what other things do I need to tell you well for one. Your location of your boat dock always help helpful, so I can get there and then take a look at that you’re. What you have and what the situation is to make sure we get your boat, floater, pontoon boat, lift installed correctly and is boat flutter, specially designed for pontoon boats, yeah I would like said that pontoon boats have become very popular so that that is a large part of our business right now. So we set up the the boat lifts for your needs and what best suits your situation, whether it’s our classic model boat floater or are free floater model of boat floater? We got all the areas covered to properly take care of your large investment on the pontoon boat or tritoon boat. Take to keep it looking like new girl on grand lake. What are you seeing more of pontoons itunes yo on grand like we’re? Definitely seeing a lot more tritoons cuz, the grand lakes got a lot of open water and there’s a lot of big boats out there. So the tritoon boat lifts and we’re selling a bunch of those what lakes are the pontoon boat lifts more popular on the pontoon boats, seem to be more popular on the smaller lakes and so like a fort gibson like it. Specially we see more of a pontoon boat. Some areas that you follow will see some pontoon boats, but overall, that the most the manufacturers are changing in in in in building more tritoon boats, so I’ve definitely seen less pontoon boats of the last few years and a lot more tritoon boats. If it’s a tritoon boat or pontoon boat. When it comes to pontoon, boat lifts oklahoma voters can depend on boat floater of oklahoma. Oklahoma is your place to go to pontoon boat lifts oklahoma and which phone number number is 918-256-3330 I’m online at boat, floater, ok.Com? Alright, this is podcast number 12 for boat Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma