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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Alright, this is podcast number 12 for Boat Floater of Oklahoma. We will be talking about pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma boaters have come to depend on which happened to be manufactured by boat floater of oklahoma, but there’s also some trends going on in the market that we want to address a tritoon boat lifts, for example, have become very popular and was hamilton with boat floater of oklahoma is here today to talk about pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma, boaters like but also a little bit about the tritoons, so good morning was fantastic. After all that rain, so much better I still see. The sunshine reminds me of boating season. You know here in oklahoma that the pontoon boat lifts oklahoma there. People have just been calling like crazy for these things. What are they looking for when they’re looking for a boat lift for a pontoontritoon boat, they’re looking for quality I mean when you can’t get any better quality than a boat floater, so I mean people are calling looking for a boat floater for their pontoon boat almost makes it unique. What makes a boat float or unique compared to other boat lifts cuz. There’s there’s others right. There is others, but one thing that makes our unique as we got a lifetime warranty on our polyethylene tanks. So, like our competitor hydro boys, they only do 3 years. Can you believe that only 3 years and we can give a lifetime warranty on those tanks in the most expensive component on a boat? Lift? Is the tanks. So what happens in those things? I get a hole in them. It’s a lot of work in an in the lift, won’t stay up, so we offer lifetime warranty on the tanks it it doesn’t cover the labor, but the labor is small compared to thethe actual tank itself. Sometimes those tanks can run at least $2,500, so both let her a piece so boat floater gives you a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship of that the boat lifts tank for your pontoon boat, lifts, oklahoma, boat, lifts oklahoma folks can call boat floater of oklahoma, and what what kind of questions are you going to ask him? What kind of boat that they have different models are set up different ways and in one of the ways that a lot of them are different. Heaven found a single manufacturers that that is the same, is the center distance on each tune seems to be different, so, for example, the outside tunes might from the center of might be 79 in some of mydo. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Some of them are 77 and a half in so all of them seem to be different if I just bought a new pontoon boat or try to and how do I know how do I know that that number well, you can ask the boat dealer, but not often times it depends on who you get. Some of them are very helpful and some of them just look at you like. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Why do you need to know that the one thing you can definitely do is give me a call and I can go out and measure your pontoon boat, whether it’s at your house and whether you’re looking at it at someone else’s house buying a used one or if you’ve got in a storage facility. I can meet you there and take measurements or, if you’re, buying a new one. Just tell me what dealer you getting it from and I can stop by and get those measurements for you to make sure we’ve got your pontoon boat, lifts oklahoma setup correctly. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So what should I buy? First, the boat or the left I would buy the boat because in most cases, I can, date whatever, but you’ve got, but also you need to know what slip you’re, putting that that pontoon boat in cuz. You wanted to try to get the boat that the most fits, the the slip that you’ve got so don’t go out and buy a 27-foot long pontoon boat when you’ve only got a 22 foot long slip. So I thought you wouldn’t believe how many times that happens that people buy at the boat. That is a lot longer than what the actual slip that they have available to use. Do you have that might help a person in that situation, classic model boat floater. So it’s a pontoon boat lifts oklahoma that operates uniquely out there in the market. There’s not another one out there and we’ve been making that classic model since 1974. So when it travels and raises that the boat it brings the boat forand bring in the boat forward, often times we can get the front of the boat actually over onto the over the deck of the front of the dock. So that gives you more available room to get your pontoon boat completely undercover. When it comes to pontoon boat, lifts, oklahoma boaters Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma need to give boat floater of oklahoma call correct to run, and when they give you a call, do you offer? What do you offer them on the dock? Consultation I’ll come out and I can measure the boat at that time. I can look at your your boat dock and get the right measurements, and then we can make sure that we have the boat floater factory. You have build the the lift specifically to work for your situation. He mentioned that there seems to be a trend towards getting more pontoon and triton boats. Where do you see the most pontoon boats in oklahoma roll, the most pontoon boats, typically on the smaller lakeslike fort gibson, here in oak oklahoma, sometimes skiatook lake oologah, lake eufaula, lake keystone lake, all over oklahoma different likes at thunderbird lake outside of norman, that we see a lot of pontoon boats out there. So what about the tritons? Would that seem to be more of a grand lake fishing boats everywhere, but definitely on grand like we see a lot of tritoon boats, eufaula lake tenkiller has a lot of tritoon boat, so we’ve been putting a lot of pontoon boat lifts oklahoma down on lake tenkillerso, the tritoon boats. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Why are they important on a lake like grand like, for example, the rough water so much better, so so you’re not throwing people around this? Is it as you’re cutting through the waves of grand lake with that tritoon set up? So it’s a lot smoother in the water and gives you more control steering the third tune does, and it actually helps the speed of the boat. So you can still ski and wakeboard and do all the things you like to do off of a tattoo and all kinds of things. Anything off of that you can do on a regular, v hull boat. You can also do on a tritoon boat, but you can do it was so much more room and it’s just a comfortable experience for all ages on a tritoon boat and the grandparents really seem to love it cuz they can walk around easily, not climbing over seeds and coolers and all thathow to stop and that the kids also like that to run around cuz. You know, kids like to run and it’s easy to jump off the pontoon and triton boats and when it comes to a boat, lift for a pontoon, a tritoon boat. What are some of the things as a boner boat owner I need to take into consideration. Will you need to take into consideration what you you currently have? As far as your your boat dock for your pontoon boat lifts oklahoma weather, it’s 10 ft wide 12, ft wide 11 foot wide or some hot links are wet, but also you need to know the the length of the slip and then the construction of the doc is also important to know whether you have styrofoam or if you have the new encapsulated flotation. I shouldn’t say new:it’s been out there for 20 years, but not every boat dock have an encapsulated flotation. So for your pontoon boat liftoklahoma, you need to look at those things. So if my pontoon boat is too long for my slip, can you help me there? We can help you there cuz of the classic boat floater model that’s been made since 1974. It can bring the boat forward and typically it brings it forward about 30 in so you almost get 30 feet of extra sleep with their slip length with a classic model boat, floater, boat lift. So with a tritoon same type of thing, I can get a bigger boat. Ashore slept that’s right with our classic model. You can do that and the other model is called what it’s called the free floater model in it. It helps for people if you’ve got a 10 ft wide slip. We always recommend the free float or model in stats will work for you if you, if you’ve got the right slip length because there’s less steel, that the contentiously come into contact with your tritoon boat, withfree floater model, and we cover up all that still with it. Some unique dock, bumper, so plastic bumpers on them. Also don’t hantz wham wham their own. What is it? Don’t slam hard getaway on guard, but when it comes to pontoon boat lifts oklahoma voters can depend on boat floater of oklahoma oklahoma hi. This is podcast number 13 Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma