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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Alright I’m here today with boat floater of Oklahoma, talking about tritoon and pontoon boat, lifts that something that boat floater Oklahoma specializes in the pontoon or tritoon boat, less than what makes a boat floater of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma’s specialist. In nice, we provide the boat, floater, boat lifts, specifically for pontoon boats and triton boats. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma We set them up the picture you’re both perfectly to make it easy for you to knock your boat and try to answer serves them better than some of the other lips that are out there. Is that correct one of the things? Yes, that’s correct! Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma One of the things we do on our free float or left. All the mechanism is below the water when you, when the lift is installed and it’s down in the position for docking your pontoon tritoon left and then the steel parts that are hooked to the doc. They are covered in bumpers plastic to protect your tunes from getting scarred scarred up on a pontoon or tritoon boat. Now is a pontoon in a tritoon boat. Essentially, the same thing:they’re little bit different to a pontoon boat has to tune. So just think of the outer tunes on a pontoon boat, but a triton boat has a centerton, so it has three tones on a tritoon boat, but at boat floater of oklahoma will we sell both left set up specifically for your pontoon boat or your tritoon boat? So so, whenever you call us or come in and we we need to know what you have so do you have two tunes on your boat on your pontoon boat, or do you have three tunes on your tritoon boat weigh more than yeah? They were a little bit more typically a tritoon boat. Now it has that third tune in the middle, but they put a few extras on on a tritoon boat, usually larger motor on the tritoon and bigger seats and extras on on the tritoon boat, am I going to still be able to put a boat lift in there. As long as that slip is 10 ft wide, we can put a tritoon left in or pontoon boat lifts in using the boat floater free floater here in oklahoma a boat slip in oklahoma. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma That’s got a boat lift on it, but you know here recently:i decided to buy a pontoon or triton cuz I’m going to be hanging out. If that’s something that we see a lot of the trend right now is for people to the most popular boats right now our pontoons and try tunes. So people are getting rid of their v hull boats. You know that they use for skiing and running around the lake and its people get older and even the young people nowadays are enjoy the adaptability and the ease of use of the pontoon boat or the tritoon boat. So a lot of people there lifts are set up for a v hold set up the boat floater of oklahoma. We can come out and change your left. Your boat floater boat, lift to a pontoon or try to lift with what we call a pontoon kit or a tritoon kit in oklahoma I mean it wait. Are you pretty sure that most people have a 10 foot boat slip or 12 foot? Yeah I wouldn’t say it’s exactly standard, so you need to make sure you always measure the width and the length of your slip. The width is always most important and for setting up your boat, floater boat left I’ve had a v hole in a 10-foot boat slip and now I’m going to put a pontoon in there. What what do I want to consider consider the whip first measure measure that 10 ft wide slip in and we can easily put in a boat, floater, boat lift from boat floater of oklahoma for your pontoon boat or tritoon boat in a slip, but a lot of tritoons, a lot of boat slips or 11 ft wide and summer 12 foot wide. So it’s always important to measure the width of your slip to make sure we get the right to pontoon boat lifts for year for your slip or tritoon, lift whichever, but you have left in there then you’re going to want that say you had a lift for a vehicle now you’re going to want a pontoon, a tritoon kits. Are you able to come out and install a kit to add to just the lift it has for what we call bunks there wouldn’t carpet bunks and underneath that wooden carpet? There is galvanized angle iron, the full length of those bunks, and then there is also a pontoon bracket that goes on your left. So for a pontoon kits you get the four brackets and then you also get the four bunks two bunks cradle each tune that you have on your boat, so I’m, tritoon boat, your boat float, a boat left, tritoon kit would have six wooden carpet bunks and those wooden carpet box have steel angle, iron, that’s a 14 ft long, and then you would have six tritoon bunk brackets tritoon kit so that they can put on an existing lyft. That’s correct that thing put on existing existing boat floater left. So if how long does it usually take to adjust a boat lift for a pontoon, a tritoon boat? If you’re going to put a kid on an existing lyft, if you’ve got a pontoon boat to install the pontoon kit for your boat floater of oklahoma left, it typically will take about two and a half hours to take off your old v whole setup and install the pontoon kit on your boat floater of oklahoma left. So if you have a tritoon, it’s got more parts to it, so that takes a little longer typical takes about 3 hours to install the tritoon kit for your tritoon boat, lift installed because it’s it’s very popular and, as I said earlier, that that people are buying more pontoon boats and more tritoon boats and killer for grand, lake they’re popular for lake, eufaula, lake, tenkiller, oklahoma, oklahoma, lakes, pontoons and triton boats. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma You know you’ve got your bennington pontoon boats. You’ve got your harris flotebote pontoon boats, regency, pontoon boats, there’s many popular brands out there and we sell our kits will adapt to any of them for any pontoon or tritoon boat that you have no for a pontoon or tritoon boats in oklahoma on the oklahoma lakes boat. Floater of oklahoma is truly your boat. Lip specialist specialist for pontoon boat, lifts, tritoon, boat, lifts and just called boat floater of oklahoma and we’ll get you set up for any of oklahoma and especially if you have a pontoon or a tritoon boat, we can get to set up. That’s right Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma