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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Podcast episode number 15 Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma and it’s for boat floater of oklahoma. We will be talking about boatlift and oklahoma voters. What they’ve come to depend on I’m here with west hamilton he’s the owner and an oklahoma boat lift specialist. So so, let’s talk a little bit about the boat lifts that you know if you, if you’re looking for a boat lifts in oklahoma, there’s, there’s really a couple of choices. Boat, floater of oklahoma is one of them. What, if you’re looking for a boat, lift oklahoma boat, come to boat floater of oklahoma for many different types of boat lifts, and we have many different sizes to to fit your needs for your boat to we start out with a 4500 pound left so most of the boats that go on that your boat lifts in oklahoma and would be yeah your bass, boats, your small runabouts that are 22 ft and under, and you got a aluminum fishing boats, some pontoon boats that are 22 ft under they go on our 4500 pound left. You can put the triton kit on it. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Didn’t put a pontoon kid on that 4500. We also have two different models of the 4500 pound:lift, give the classic model and you had the free floater model for a boat, lift oklahoma voters. So people that are looking for a boat lift oklahoma oklahoma. They can rely on boat floater of oklahoma. You guys are oklahoma’s boat lift specialist mentioned you:have a 4500 pound, lift what are the? What are the other life size is 6600 lb left the next one is at 8600, pound boat, lift and then we have a 9800 pound boat, lift and then we 11000 pound, boat, lift, 12500, pound, boat, lift, 14,000, lb left and then everything above that is custom-made. So we’ve done 24000 pound, boat, lifts, we’ve even done a 30000 pound, boat, lift so and whatever size, your boat is or most side size of boats. Here in oklahoma we can do a boat lifts oklahoma for you. So you mentioned there’s two different sizes. Are there two different types of models? And if so, what are they? Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma There are two different models:there’s the classic model, which is the classic model boat lifts in oklahoma. What we started making in 1974 and that left is very unique in that it brings the boat forward as it raises typically it’ll bring it anywhere from 2 foot 230 in forward in your slip and it it goes along what we called guide arms that are at an angle, and it brings the boat up securely and safely and in all level and all the metal parts are out of the water. When it’s raised up, lift isaiah free floater and that free float, the boat left works on a hinge, arm system, so it pivots. So it kind of swings down in water and then swings back up when it picks up and raises your boat up out of the water. So it’s easy operating left, highly dependable and that’s great left 4 people. Why would I pick a free-float over a classic a lot of times if you’ve got a pontoon or tritoon boat, that the free float or model works really good, because there’s less partner components of lift on the inside of the slip where you would be bringing your boat in? So it gives you more room to dock your boat when you’re, coming in with a free-float or model and a lot of times, if you’re used to other lifts out there, such as a hydro hoist and they operate with a hinged arm system that pivots a lot of people are used to that style, lift. So it’s a very easy lift for them to use our free floater. It’s it’s it’s the same mechanism that is on those hydro hoist lifts. Looking for a boat lifts. Oklahoma voters could also choose a classic model. What would be the advantage of that? The classic model when it rises? It brings the boat forward so saying, you’ve got a 25-foot boat, but your slip is only 24 foot long. So we can bring that boat with the classic model up over the front of your dock, where it’s over on the walkway to get your boat completely undercover, so lot of people. Young people spend a lot of money on their their boats and they want to keep them looking nice and and protect from the weather. So we can bring that boat up for words and also its key a. Lot of people have been closed., so have garage doors on it and they’re really limited on space, and of course they don’t want they’re both to come down and go crashing through the garage door on the back. So the classic model is perfect for people who have enclosed boat, docks and cuz, they can bring it up over front of the dock and you can lock the classic model in place by putting pins in the guide arms in the in the lift, can’t go down and and crash through your garage door put on the the the boat lifts oklahoma classic model, and we start out with the 4500 pound lift so that those boats are typically the small fishing boat, small bass, boats, 22 foot and under runabout boat. So you can fit in type of those boats and then with pontoon kit. You can put up to do a 23 foot pontoon and with a tritoon kid on on it. Typically, you can go to a 22 foot tritoon. The next left we have is a 6600. That’s where most people are is a 6600 pound lift and it’s got to 15 foot long tanks on the boat left and typically you’re going to have 25 football writers. On that you’re, going to have your wakeboard boats a lot of them. Are you going to have with a tritoon kids are going to have anywhere up to 25 foot tritoon on the on that left and some of these bigger bass, boats that are coming out now in the center console fishing boats and there were putting those on the 60 600 pound life. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Also. So, if you’re looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters can contact boat floater of oklahoma. What what what’s going to happen? If they give you a call us your needs and find out where your doc is, how wide your slip is, how long your slip is, what the doc is constructed of and then what kind of boat you have also, if you have an existing left and what kind of condition it’s in? But it’s always good to you when you give us a call, we’re glad this schedule free on the dock consultation, to look at for your boat, lift needs and will come out and assess the situation at your doc and give your options for a boat lifts. Oklahoma. You can do a free consultation, that’s right for you, for you on the consultation. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule time and come out and meet with you. If you’re looking for a boat, lift oklahoma, boat oklahoma voters can contact you. Where were here in oklahoma on grand lake, you can contact us at 918-256-3330 or you can go to our website, which is ww.W, w, boat, floater ok.Com and you can schedule their on the website a free on the. Consultation or you can request a quote and give you a quote on the to meet your boat lift needs. So what are you going to do if I have you come on out? Well, wouldn’t want to come out out to you to your doc. You know I’m going to have my measuring tape and my trusty iphone with my notes open so want to take pictures of your doc and write down a bunch of notes and take measurements and I always like to see the boat people the best place for me to see the boat to get the measurements is when the boat is out of the water. So if it’s on a trailer and storage or something like that, I’m always like to go there to actually put the measuring tape on the the boat. So I can get the correct measurements to make sure I place the the lift correctly in the slip and have the bunk setup for your boat the first time. So, if you’re, looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters need to give boat floater of oklahoma call Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma