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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Number 17 for boat floater of oklahoma. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma We are going to be talking about people if they’re looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters can rely on boat floater of oklahoma, because we have a lot of different models to choose from not like our competition. That only has one. So today we’re going to talk to west hamilton he’s the owner of boat floater of oklahoma, and if you need a boat lift in oklahoma, you need to give him a call good morning. Yeah. We we cover all of the oklahoma. So if you’ve got a boat and got a boat dock, you need a boat lift oklahoma’s boat lifts specialist is boat floater of oklahoma and will come out and put a boat floater in for you. Now you have a special where you will come out and do a free on the. Consultation. What what happens when you doing on the dock consultation? What are you looking for? Specifically, we come out and assess your your boat lift needs. Some oklahoma boaters are very particular because they love the water and they love their boat. So we want to come out and make sure that we get it right the first time. So it always is helpful debt to see the situation. So we can come out and measure your boat dock and measure your boat and then then will recommend which boat, floater, boat lift model that you need he’s meant mention which boat floater model. You need, that’s something you need to boat floater of oklahoma. You offer more than one lift model, that’s right for the classic boat, lift from boat floater and we’ve been making that since 1974 and they’re made right here in oklahoma, so that that model brings the boat forward as it rises in it and actually does what we call locsin with the doc. So it has positive pressure up on the dock, and so when your. Moves the lift boat and everything moves as one so in real rough sit water situations, the classic model, is ideal for that, because you don’t have a lot of moving parts bouncing around and but we also offered the free, float or modeling that free floater works on a hinge arm system and it hibbetts. So it kind of bounces is up and down as waves come in. Your dog goes one way in the lift goes the other, but in in some situations, especially in marinas, calm coves in situations like that that boat lifts oklahoma boaters really find that that that lift is a great lift form, so we can meet their needs it. Whatever situation they have. So you mentioned that you have a classic, lift it’s good for a rough water. What else? Why else would you might want to consider using a classic model, boat lift from oklahoma’s boat, specialists? Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Well, the boat floater classic model boat lift is unique in that it brings the boat forward as it rises. So if that works on a guide, arm system, those guide arms are at an angle. So is it raises it? It brings the boat forward about 24 in 2:30. In so, if you’ve got a 24-foot boat are boat, lifts can bring the boat, and you only have a 23 foot slip. We can bring that 24-foot boat all the way under the cover of the roof and over the front of the dock and securely. Your boat is securely undercover and protected from all the elements and with that boat left. So if you need a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters also have another left to choose from which is the free float or model. What type of boats are best suited for that and what sizes does it come in the the free float or model? You know we start out the 4500 pound left. Then we have the 6600 pound boat left and then the 8600 pound boat, lift and then a 9800 pound boat lift and we go on up from there. But those are custom quote quotes, but those are our standard models in. They are perfect for triton boats that are in 10 ft wide slip, so the triton boat lifts, oklahoma boat motors have found that there are free-floating. Mower model is perfect for that situation, because the free float or model doesn’t take have as many components that are inside of the slip. So when that boat lift is down in the water, you have plenty of room to bring your tritoon in and safely loaded on, the boat lift the classic model boat, floater boat left, so I’m thinking. If you have a tritoon or pontoon boat, then it sounds like the free-floating model might be a better choice for that. In terms of size of what model sizes are available, we’ve got the 4500 pound boat lift. We got the 6600 pound boat, lift in the 8600 pound boat, lift in the 9800 elbow and it’s available in both sizes house. What is the pricing that? How does that work? Or it does one type of model, cost more than the other? The same or classic model boat lift and are free floater model. Boat lifts oklahoma boaters have found that you know that works are boat, lift works in any situation. They have so yeah. It’s the same price for both of those that boat lifts and i. We can do at free on the dock consultation and come out and take a look at your boat and take a look at your boat dock and will recommend which one is the the best one for your situation. It doesn’t sound like you have much choice when it comes to other lists, if you’re trying to compare them to boat, floater oklahoma that the hydrohoist has a level left in the the that’s, the only offering that hydrohoist has and there’s also the econo lift and that’s available in it and it’s a economy a little left, but it does work as a level lift also, but really those are the only two options of operating styles, which is the level lift that which works on a hinge arm pivot system, where boat floater has both the classic model in the free float or model so boat left. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma If you’re looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters and found that the boat floater of oklahoma has more choices for for their boating needs, is the cost comparable do you know? The econo list is like I described it? It is a conomy left, so it is cheaper, but you get what you pay for it. It’s not made for a long-term use. It specially in rough water that they really don’t hold up well in rough water. Hydro voice makes makes a nice boat lift they’ve been making them for a long time and but typically you’re going to pay more and really you don’t get more. With the hydro hoist a we got more steel on our left and we do a lifetime warranty on our boat left. So oklahoma boaters have found that they really, you know, rely on that that warranty work company that’s been around since 1974, so the warranty actually mean something you know. So we we did the lifetime warranty on the tanks, which is the most important component on a boat left, so oklahoma boaters. Are you have found over the years that that it’s nice to have that warranty? If something ever does go wrong, they cannot get the the tanks replace. There is labor on it, but does does cover the cost of the material. So what’s the oldest boatlift you’ve ever seen on the lake? Well, I’ve been installing boat floater boat list for a 10 years, so I started what it was. I really started, 2007 installing them. In a couple years ago, I took a late, 1978 boat floater model. So it’s almost 40 years old that it’s no I didn’t have polyethylene tanks are our old boat lifts had steel, galvanized tanks and that still galvanized. You know it seems like oklahoma waters, have gotten more corrosive over the years and that delete that still up after a while. That’s why we do the polyethylene tanks on the on all the boat, lifts and I’m here in oklahoma now. So, if you’re looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters need to give boat floater of oklahoma a call, bahamas boat lift specialist. What’s your phone number phone number is 918-256-3330 and you can go to our website and and schedule a free on the dock. Consultation for your boat lift needs, and our website is www boat, floater, okay., com com. If you need a boat left, oklahoma boaters need to check out boat floater of oklahoma. That’s right Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma