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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

For boat floater of Oklahoma, or going to be talking about pontoon and try tune and pontoon tritoon boats and boat lifts, so I’m here today with was hamilton when he is the owner of boat floater of oklahoma archery, said hello and we’re going to be discovered. We will be talking about pontoon, tritoon boat lifts. Why are we seeing so many pontoons and try tunes on the lakes now teresa? They are so much fun on the lake give families room to walk around on from the little kids to the teenagers to grandma and grandpa. They can just run around on those pontoon tritoon boats all day long. What are some of the challenges that those pontoon tritoon owners have when it comes to their boat liftswell? Most people i? Am the older lives for pretty much all the same setup for a v hull, boat or bass, boat and stuff like that? But since the explosion, pontoon tritoon boats and boat, lift manufacturers such as boat floater of oklahoma or I’m, not the manufacturer and distributor, but manufacturers have developed pontoon tritoon kits to to adapt your older lift to the new boats or the new pontoon. Tritoon boats have to buy a whole new boat less in order to accommodate your brand new pontoon, a tritoon boat, pontoon, tritoon kit, and typically it takes about three to three and a half hours to install that kit. Remove your old apparatus. That’s on your left for your v hull boat and typically the bunks in the bracketweaver. Remove all that. And then we install the brackets for the pontoon kit, and then we installed the bunks. And of course you have to have the right spacing on that. That’s very important in the seems, like every pontoon or tritoon manufacturer has different spacing between their tunes. So we measure from the the middle tune from the center of it outside to the center of the outside tunes to get that measurement, and we set that up on your your boat, lift mark that and then we center each pontoon bracket and bunks overthat’s center of your tune. So it nicely cradles your pontoon or tritoon tunes, the logs. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Now the oklahoma is kind of a specialist in this area. Tell me about that. Specialize in pontoon tritoon boat, lift some for people in that that’s been a large part of our business over the last for 5 years cuz. It’s those boats of really exploded on the the amount of sales and people changing to that stall a boat. What do you think is the reason for that big chain. Well lot of. It is a ease-of-use one, keep saying on the pontoon tritoon boats that people really like is the outboard motor outboard motor. You don’t have to do the winterizing. You can use year-round versus the inboard motor that was on most of the v hull boats. Your deer run around runwhat about boats, your bowriders and ski boats and stuff, like that. Where all these new outboard motors are really reliable and used to the old outboard motors on tritoon pontoon boats were the loud 2-cycle motors in people couldn’t hear talk and old people are kind of hard of hearing anyways, and you got those 2 cycle. Outboard motors on those pontoon boats and people didn’t really like that as much. But the new 4 cycle, outboard motors they’ve got lots of power and they are super quiet and people just love them cuz it they can there’s less maintenance on your boat on with that outboard motor on the pontoon boat and people tend to use it more often, so they get more bang for their buck on their boat. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Are you seeing more tritoons as of recently or is it pretty equal as far as pontoons and try tunes out theremost? Definitely I’m the same or tritoon boats almost I can’t think of really any new pond to do it. A new pontoon boat here not too long ago, but mainly all the new purchases are tritoon boats. Boats offer. What advantage would that 13 third tune gives you a lot better steering maneuverability out on the water and which is important? Cuz just think those tunes are pretty long I’m in some people used to call it and trying to put a pontoon boat into the slip. They say it’s like parking, the bus on water cuz. It kept so much wind and they wouldn’t have as much steering but that third tune down the middle or third log on a triton really gives you a lot better staring more stability in rough water, and so they perform a lot better than try to instillnow. When you’re, comparing boat lifts, you bought your brand new pontoon or it sounds like the leaning is really more towards tritoons now. So, if your brand new boat, why would I want to get a boat, floater, boat lift compared to say then I like a hydro, oyster connell? If there’s some other brands out there, why is boat floater of oklahoma the way to go beyond our tanks? No one can beat our tanks on a boat, floater boat left and we put more plastic in them in the steel bracing. At the top, where the the actual superstructure the left attaches to move, got more steel in it than anybody, but also on our the way we set up ourbunks to to support the tritoon or yeah I haven’t seen anybody else who puts more structure steel underneath it like the hydra voice. They’ve they’ve got steel front and back, but then the rest of it is just wouldn’t carpet. Wear on a boat, floater pontoon, a tritoon kit, we’ve got angle, iron, steel, that’s galvanized, the entire length of the pontoon bunk and then, besides that still we got extra still bracing on the other side of it, so that you know i, don’t know, i, think our tritoon kent ways like 1,200, lb and I would guess. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma The hydra voice get probably weighs 300 pounds. So there’s a lot more weight and still in are pontoons kit and try to end kits and then hydro voice sounds like. If the moon is aso to speak, you really need to consider getting a sturdier lift. That’s right. I mean all of our stuff is heavy duty for rough water situations, yeah we’re out there and we want people’s boat lifts or boat boat floater to the last long time. So we build them right and install them right. You want to make sure you’ve got the the ride installers on your boat left, because if it’s not supporting your boat correctly of the left not going to operate correctly, and you know potential damage to your boat, also it specially in rough water, if I buy a new tritoon boat night install call you up the boat lift specialist at a buttload of oklahoma. How long can I expect my boat motor boat, lift lastyou, know? Typically, what we see out there? The list with proper care and maintenance that list going to last you 25 to 30 years so was maintenance. What type of maintenance do I need to do? My boat lift mainly it’s just watching to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight in. There are bushings on certain location song on the arms of the free float or left and and on the classic list, and so those bushings you need to look for wear on those and, if you know their significant, where is they need replacedjust like on your car? When your your tires start getting worn out, you need to replace him, and typically we replaced all four bushings or rollers at a time I’m, so they all wear evenly so so just kind of pay attention. If you see something wrong catch it early, have it repaired and that lifts will last you a long time how long? What’s the longest look you’ve seen out there on the lake I’ve been doing this 10 years in the oldest boat, floater left, I’ve ever pulled out was a couple years ago and it was a 1977 model still operating, but it was real small, so I didn’t fit their their boat anymore. So what that washow old would that lift have been? It was almost 40 years old, so 40 years, that’s a long time use of it then I think it’s well worth it. Just that mean they’re out in the elements it’s in the water and it’s got a boat on it, that for something the last, that long is amazing all right call:oklahoma’s, boat, lift, specialist boat, floater of oklahoma Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma