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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

With a company that has been around for 45+ years, you can rest assured that your warranty will be around if problems arise. Many boaters in Oklahoma have opted to buy a cheaper, out of state alternative and are left in the dark if warranty work is needed.

What are some of the most common types of Boat Lifts?

The 4500P Boat Floater boat lift or pontoon boat lift can accommodate boats weighing up to 4000 pounds. (Weight of boat is calculated WITH fuel.) This makes it an ideal tritoon boat lift & pontoon boat lift for boats 22′ and under (requires kit), bass boats, aluminum fishing boats and bow riders 22′ and under.

The 6600P Boat Floater boat lift or pontoon boat lift can accommodate boats weighing up to 6000 pounds. (Weight of boat is calculated WITH fuel.)

The Boat Floater Model 8600P is an ideal bow rider boat lift (up to 28′), wakeboard boats, wakesurfing boats, single engine day cruisers up to 28′, large tritoons (requires kit) 26’+.

The 9800P is ideal for twin-engine bow rider boats up to 29′, twin engine day cruisers up to 29′, wakeboard boats, wakesurfing boats large tritoons 26’+ (requires kit).

All models come in either classic or free floater.

What are the features in the Classic and Free Floater models?

Boat floater lifts work on a guide alarm system. The guide arm travels at an angle to bring the boat forward as it raises. There’s a roller that’s mounted to dock brackets. Depending on how big of a boat you’ve got and what size of lift you have it’s going to bring the boat forward anywhere from 2′ – 3′, so it allows you to have more boat than the length of boat slip you have at your dock.

Which is more preferable for pontoon / tritoon boats?

It all depends on how wide your slip is. The mechanism on the classic model is inside your slip and it does take up some room. So if you have a 10 ft wide boat slip and you’ve got to eight and a half foot wide tritoon boat, and we recommend that you go with our free floater model. Often times, we can put the steel mechanism of the boat lift underneath the water for your tritoon boat.

Your pontoon boats will fit inside your slip with ease and you don’t have to worry about hitting the lift or the dock; just bring your boat in and raise up on the free floater model and you’re sitting pretty.

The classic model is something that’s unique to boat floater of Oklahoma correct. That’s right! We’re the only manufacturer that makes model like this. This model is appropriate for a pontoon or a tritoon boat. If you’ve got a 12 foot wide slip and a 11 ft wide slip, the classic model works perfect.

There’s thousands of Boat Floater boat lifts out there that have tritoon and pontoon boats on them. We recommend if you have a 10′ wide slip, we found that the customers prefer our free floater model rather than the classic model for their dock.

Pontoons / Tritoons on the free floater models prevent hitting the dock. The free floater covers up the pivot arms and incorporates plastic bumpers on the left. Customers have found that our models are easy to use for for for their day out on the lake and they last a long time. The most critical component on a is the tanks, because that’s what holds the air and that actually raises that your boat up out of the water. They’re made out of a high density, polyethylene durable material that comes with a lifetime warranty on the tank workmanship. The warranty doesn’t cover if there’s a big storm that comes and rips through the dock and throws a 6 ft wide tree through the tank, but the normal wear and use.

Boat Floater, which has been around since 1974 is the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks. So when it comes to boat lifts in Oklahoma, give boat floater of Oklahoma a call. You can call us at (918) 256-3330 or visit our website at BoatFloaterOK.com.