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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma | Lifetime Warranty

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

This is podcast number 21 for Boat Floater of Oklahoma I’m here with Wes Hamilton. He is the owner of Boat Floater of Oklahoma and he’s going to be talking about so the boat lifts Oklahoma boaters can depend on that. He sells at boat, floater of oklahoma and they’re they’re, actually boat floater lives, but floaters in manufacturing come in and around for awhile oklahoma is the exclusive distributor of boat lifts oklahoma boaters have come to rely on here in oklahoma, their manufactured by boat, floater industries in miami oklahoma, and have been since 1974 so been around a long time and it’s something that you can rely on often times in the boat lift market. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but, of course with cheaper alternatives. Eventually, it seems like you that you paid the priceannabelle flutter boat lifts also have a lifetime. Warranty thought. Tell me about that. Little bit we have a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks on a boat floater in that covers the workmanship on the on the tank. So it’s company, that’s going to be around us stand by that. The lifetime warranty has said:we’ve been in boat, floater industries has been in business for over 44 years, so it’s a company that will be around it. If you do have a problem that there’s people such as myself at the boat floater of oklahoma to service, your boat, floater, boat, lift and oftentimes-that’s not the case with it, specially if you buy for my out-of-state placeso when it comes to boat, lifts oklahoma boaters need to give boat floater of oklahoma a look wanting to put a butt lift on one of these great lakes here in oklahoma. What are some of the most common? What are the some of the most common? Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Let’s that you guys sell, we’ve got the 4500 pound, lift and we’ve got that in both the classic model and the free floater model and same with all our lifts. It comes in two different options:the free floater and the classic model. So we start out at the 4500 pound left and that’s going to have your bass boats and we’ll go on that. Your small bowel riders, 22 foot and under pontoon boats that are up to 23 foot tritoon boats that are 22 foot. Your center console small fishing boats in your aluminum fishing boats, will go, on, it500, pound left, then the next one is the 6600 pound boat, lift and it’s a boat lifts. Oklahoma boaters have relied on for many years. Is that 6600 lb boat floater and it’s going to accommodate or lyft most 25 football riders. Your wakeboard boats, such as the malibu ski nautique, the air, nautique mastercraft, most type of boats and then also something that is very popular right now is the tritoon boats. So you have bennington, makes a great tritoon. Harris flotebote makes a great tritoon, so the boat left, oklahoma boaters, who found works great for those type of boats, is the boat floater 66 and both the classic model in the free-floating types of models. What is the difference between ahow’s it going to free flutter, the classic model boat floater, it’s unique to boat floater, and they started making it from the very beginning in 1974, and it’s a lift that works on a guide alarm system. In that guy arm travels at an angle, ford said brings the boat forward as as it raises, and there’s a roller, that’s mounted to a dock brackets, so that guide arm tracks along the roller and it brings the boat forward depending on how big of a boat you’ve got and what size of lift you have it’s going to bring the boat forward anywhere from 2 ft 2 3 foot, so it allows you to have more boat than the length of boat slip you have at your dockso is one more preferable than the other when it comes to pontoon a tritoon boats, it depends on how wide your slip is. The mechanism on the classic model, it’s it’s inside your slip and it does take up some room. So if you have a 10 ft wide boat slip and you’ve got to eight and a half foot wide tritoon boat, and we recommend that you go with our pre floater modeling that free floater, boat, lifts oklahoma boaters have come to rely on is perfect for a tritoon boats. Cousin often times of the, we can put the steel in the mechanism of the boat left underneath the water as you’re loading your boat, so that tritoon, your harris tritoon, your bennington tritoon and your suncatcher tritoon. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma All these prop popular tritoon boatsend me. Your pontoon boats will fit inside your slip with easy and you don’t have to worry about, hitting the left or hitting the dock, and you just bring your new boat in and raise up that free floater model and you’re sitting pretty so now. The classic model is something that’s unique to boat floater of oklahoma correct. That’s right! We’re the only one or both letters. Only manufacturer that makes model like this is that ever appropriate for a pontoon, a tritoon boat. If you’ve got a 12 foot wide slippery than 11 ft wide slip, the classic model works right. There’s thousands of them out there that have tritoon boats on them in pontoon boats. So, yes, the classic model is just fine. We just recommend when you’re in a 10 ft wide slip, we found that the customers prefer our boat floater, free floater model into the classic, model more or to dock. Your boat on your tritoon boat, when you’re coming into the slow cooker 10 ft slip is, is a little narrow when you get a tritoon boat, the white. What part of the boat is basically the whole, but it’s like a pox or a bus in the water and that’s what makes a triton boat in fun for families as it’s got a lot of space on it, but at the same time, when you’re bringing into a dock, it doesn’t give you as much a room or there’s more objects. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma You can hit when your docking, your boat, so the free float or eliminates a lot of those parts that you can. You can hit. Also in in one thing on the free floater, we cover up the the pivot arms on the left and what plastic bumpers. So it’s an extra that we had on that. The people seem to like it’s boat lifts oklahoma boaters have found that easy to use for for for their day out on the lake and they last a long time. Talk about the lifetime warranty lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tank, so that that’s the most critical component on a boat list is the tanks, because that’s what the holds the air and that actually raises that your boat up out of the water and also you have to let air out and water fills the tanks to a sink it so that that’s the most important component on a boat lift is the the tanks on them and they’re made out of a high density, polyethylene durable material that boat floater industries? Does a lifetime warranty on that on the tank for workmanship, so it doesn’t cover if there’s a big storm tornado or something like that-comes and rips through the dock and throws up 6 ft wide tree through the tank, but the normal wear and use. If that tank a ever has a malfunction than the boat floater, which has been around since 1974 standby. That tank and it’s the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks, i, don’t know about the main competitor hydrohoist, the last time I checked. They were doing a three year, warranty on it, almost a hundred percent sure they’re not doing a lifetime warranty on their toys. So when it comes to boat lifts oklahoma, but when it comes to boat lifts oklahoma boaters need to give boat floater of oklahoma call. How do they get in touch with you? You can call us 30 or visit our website at boat, floater, ok.Com and lex said it is a boat float or boat, lifts or oklahoma boaters have relied on them since 1974. So give us a call and check us out Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma