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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Alright, this is podcast episode, number 19 for boat floater of oklahoma. We are going to be talking about the boat lifts oklahoma. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Voters have come to rely on which it is boat, floater, boat, lifts, from boat floater of oklahoma. This is what I’m here with was hamilton. He is the owner, hi teresa, hi wes, and you have a couple of boat lifts at boat floater of oklahoma, now vote for. If you’re looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters need to keep a few things in mind. What what are the top three things of oklahoma butters need to think about. You need to know the weight of your boat, so the the weight is very crucial. Cuz, that’s how we size the boat, it’s not by the length of your boat. A lot of people will call in and say, I need a boat lift for a 25 foot boat was the first question. I asked him is okay. How much does a boat weigh for the boat left? So you typically boat manufacturers will quote the weight of the boat dry, so that’s without fuel and oil and water so need to take into account how large your your fuel tank is on your boat so safe. For example, the the boat left or the manufacturer says you have a 4500 pound boat, but you’ve got a 50 gallon tank when we say that your fuel or gas weighs about 8 pounds per gallon, so 50 gallon tank that add 400 lbs to your 4500 lb boats, 5000 pound. So you can’t put that boat on a 4500 pound, boat lift. So you want to make sure that the one you’re looking for the the weight of the boat that you actually have it yeah. Well, we called wet so mn give us a call, and we can help you with that. There’s plenty of resources on online that you can go to to find the the proper weight of your boat. So we can make sure we quote you the right size of boat left at oklahoma, boaters, look for here in oklahoma, oklahoma builders need to look at the weight of their boat. What else do you need to know when you need to know the length, of course, but the boat dock, that you’re going to be putting your boat in and also putting a boat lift in? You need to know how wide the slip is and then how long the slip is. Those two measurements are crucial because if you’ve got a 25-foot boat, but you only have a 24 foot slip and you want to get the boat completely covered and we would do our classic model boat lift boat lifts its a boat lift that oklahoma boaters have found since 1974 works great for that situation to fit more boat under cover in their boat dock. There’s another model that’s available and that’s the free float a boat lift. What what is different about the free float, a boat lift compared to the classic boat, lift steel components that are exposed on the inside of the slip, but it works on a hinge. Arm system that pivots and when it pivotal, take the boat backwards a little bit as it rises up. But it’s a nice smooth operating left it where all the steel connections steel on steel. Is we put high density, polyethylene bushings in those areas to to make that lift that boat, lift a longer lasting longer piece of equipment? That’s almost like cartilage on a boat lift on a boat lifts everything else that it’ll last longer. So, if you’re looking for a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters need to give boat floater of oklahoma call, and you mentioned that the you need to know the weight of your boat. The length of boat is helpful, but mainly to make sure it’s going to fit in the slip once the boat is raised. Is there another component that you need to keep in mind? Well the style of boat, and when you call in there’s different yeah, there’s tritoon boats, there’s pontoon boats, there’s v hull boats, there’s catamaran install boats are wakeboard boats and all these a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters, have found that works for them or the end of the classic model boat floater in the free floater model boat flutter. So we need to know what kind of boat you have so so we need to recommend which boat lift would be best for that, because then the classic model is great for v hull boats and wakeboard boats cuz it it’s got especially on the wakeboard boats cuz. They both have inboard propellers on them, and the classic model boat left from boat floater is the only model that has a what we call a drop crossmember, also an inboard crossmember. So if you look at the trailer on a boat for a wakeboard boat, there’s a cut out on the back of the trailer to accommodate, where the prop is what we do, the same thing on the the classic, model boat, left and boat floater is the only boat lift manufacturer that offers an inboard crossmember on their boat lift. So it gives you more room to not hit your prop hunt on the expensive wakeboard boat, so that that is one unique feature of the classic model boat floater boat lift. If you have a wakeboard boat and you are in the market for a boat left, an oklahoma voter would be crazy to go with anybody else. Right I mean just look at the flick. The trailer you’ve got that boat on and then you look at the classic model boat lift from boat floater in oklahoma boaters instantly say you know that that’s the model that they need. So they said the wakeboard moaners, the classic model boat. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Floater is great for that and what sizes of a classic model does a wakeboard boat? Typically go on, those wakeboard boats are getting bigger and bigger, and in the past we put a lot of those on our 6600 model:boat floater, but the more recently we’ve gone to the 8600 pound boat floater classic, because those boots are really getting heavy. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma I have a lot of deer on them, have a lot there, but those big loud speakers on those towers, and then you got all the wakeboards unless I take everything off before you take that boat out of the water would get a bigger left, and that’s why I’m glad you brought that up? Thinking of this and the classic model boat lift is perfect for in the wakeboard boats, and many boats out there now have powers on them and those towers are real tall and you’ll have a bimini top on the the boat. Will the the boat floater classic model when it rises? It brings the boat forward, but it also stops against the roller. So it can’t go any higher. So if you have roof issues in you’re concerned about the the wakeboard tower and hitting the roof of your doc, if the classic model the first time it frases it up, we can adjust it where your tower will not hit the top of the roof of the doc and that it can never go higher than that point. So the water can get as rough as possible in that tower will never hit the roof. Wear with a brief loader model or a hydro hoist level lift econo, lift those style, lift that pivot. They bouncer free, float in the water, so they can bounce high enough to in some situations. If your roof isn’t very high, where the wakeboard tower can actually make contact with the roof of the doc, so that that is one key consideration for you to take a look at in the course will do a free on the dock consultation and tell you which boat left oklahoma boaters find works, the best for them for their. Situation. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma If I had invested that much in a wakeboard boat, I for sure would want a boat lift to that. Oklahoma voters have ever had success with, and it sounds like that’s what boat floater oklahoma can provide. How can I get in touch with you and you can give us a call at 918-256-3330 or you can go to our website and on our website. You can schedule a free on the dock. Consultation in our website is www boat, floater ok.Com, so give us a call if you need a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters have come to rely on boat. Floater of oklahoma can provide that for you, as well as come on I’m up to your dock, with a free on the consultation to make sure you’re getting what you need in exactly what you need to protect your boat in the process called Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma