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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Podcast number 12 know what number are we on? This is podcast number 10 for boat floater of oklahoma. We will be talking about pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma, boaters need and why boat floater of oklahoma should be your choice when it comes to pontoon, boat lifts, so I’m here today with wes hamilton, and he is the owner of boat floater of oklahoma. How did you get involved with boat floater of oklahoma I’ve been in the business for almost 19 years now, and you know over the years I’d seen pontoon boat lifts oklahoma around the boat floater pontoon boat lifts here in oklahoma around and just thought it would be a great product to sell I knew they were made here in oklahoma and I was looking for another business line to add to what I was doing, and it was just a perfect fit at the time. What do you like about the boats, older, boat lifts, made here in oklahoma, and so it’s easy for me to get parts and service in to take care of my customers because they are made here in oklahoma and also the the history of the company? It’s been around since 1974, making a pontoon boat, lifts, oklahoma and yeah I was it just was a great product.. It says they have a classic model. That is a unique boat lifts on the market that serves a lot of people’s needs. What is unique about the classic model boat lift when it comes to pontoon, boat, lifts oklahoma boaters need well the unique feature of the boat floater classic model is that it brings the boat forward as it raises, so it and utilizes the full length of your boat slip and when it rises did like said it brings it forward, but it also locks in with the doc. So if you got rough water, it moves with the pontoon boat lifts oklahoma moves with the the dock and keeps the boats safe and secure and stationary, rather than moving opposite of the dark, like mini boat, lift out there. So how is it different from the other boat lifts that are on the market? Well, the way it operates, bringing it forward as unique, but also the the air lock feature where it it locks in place with the doc. So it doesn’t sit and bounce around, like other ones. In and the more things move, the more things were out, work, there’s less movement on the classic model boat floater than any other lift out there. So if you have a pontoon boat, you would want a classic model, because it’s better than the other lifts that are out there. The classic pontoon boat lifts oklahoma, is an an ideal boat lifts for for any pontoon or tritoon boat out there. What makes it different in terms of how it’s put together? Well, it’s put together with polyethylene tanks that have a lifetime warranty on them. There’s a galvanized steel structure, and then we have the guide arms that are on the left. There are at a 40 degree angle and that angle allows the lift of when it’s raised to travel forward, which makes it unique for boat, floater, pontoon, boat, lifts, oklahoma, so wet sand. Do the other boat lift manufacturers not offer something similar? No, they don’t. They have the other boat lift manufacturers have one model and that operates what we call a hinge. Arm system pivots in it basically bounces, and you can hear him around the lake if there’s rough water and bouncing in the water squeaking that gets kind of annoying. When you listen to it all the time. What do I need to take an account if I’ve just purchased a pontoon boat? What what do I need to look at with if I’m wanting to put it on a lift? First thing it is, you need to know the the length and width of your boat slip. So if you buy a 24-foot, pontoon boat yeah, you want to make sure that you have at least 24 foot in your slip and also you want to know the width cuz. The most most pontoon boats available in the market. Right now are eight and a half foot wide so typically need at least 10 ft wide slip for that pontoon boat to comfortably fit in. There should I talk to you before I buy my to pontoon boat. I would give us a call and you can have a free consultation and-and we can come out see if your boat, floater, pontoon boat, lifts oklahoma, will work in your boat slip. If I already have a boat left, can I modify it to come in at my pontoon boat in most cases, yes, most boat lifts out there and the majority still. Even though this trend is changing, our setup for v hull boats and the whole boat lifts, and can be converted with a conversion kit to pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma conversion kit, and we just come out and give you a quote on how much it will cost to convert that left. Does it have to be in order to add the front and left? No, it doesn’t have to be a boat floater left and we can do the other brands. Hydrocolloid east econo lift other brands out there, both left. So we can get the parts for him and do that work for you also active to add the pontoon bunks, the pontoon kits in most cases or it is economically feasible, but you always need to consider the age of your lift and really whether it’s worth putting the money into it. It’s if the lift is 20 years old. It probably is not cost effective to add a pontoon or try to get to your boat lift. In that case, he said we can give you a free quote on installing a brand new boat floater, a pontoon boat lifts oklahoma in your slept, say you’re going to need to look at the size of the slip or the width of the slip in the length of the slip right. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma That’s right, so the classic model. How is that going to help me as a pontoon boat owner? Well, if you, if you’ve got a 23 foot boat and you’ve only got a 22 foot slip often times we can bring, the classic model brings the boat forward. So if we can get the height, which that’s something I need to come out and look at, but we can oftentimes bring the front of the pontoon boat over the front of the dock. So we can get more of your pontoon boat covered by the roof on your boat dock, so that you’re getting everything covered. Neon, protect your boat from sun damage to rain, getting in there getting on your boat. So if it’s always best to have as much boat as possible, underneath the roof of. So why would I even want to free floater? That’s another option that you offer a lot of times, but the free floaters, the perfect boat lift. If you had, are limited on width of your slip. Cuz a pontoon boat lifts, oklahoma oftentimes, there eight and a half foot wide, and if you got a 10 ft wide slip when you install a boat, lift it has to install on the inside of your slip. So it takes. It reduces the amount of whipped that you have inside your slip and the classic model. It does take up more room inside the slip. So you have less available wet so with customers who have 10 ft wide slips and we often times install the free floater boat, floater, pontoon, boat, lifts oklahoma form. So if I bought a brand new pontoon boat and I already have a lift. What kind of things do I need to anticipate for getting my lyft converted? Well you’re, one of the things that people need to look at is where the lift is situated inside the slip, so so for v, hull boat or so every boat is unique on where you install the left and I always try to make it easy for the customer to operate. So that means when they bring their their boat into the slip and they’re getting ready to raise their left. I want to make it as easy as possible for customers to hold on to their boat until the boat lift catches, the pontoon boat lifts oklahoma in rises it up. So that’s one thing you need to consider if you’ve got a v hull boat and the lift was installed for that v hull boat. If your pontoon boat is a different link, sometimes we have to take the boat lift out and reinstall it to to fit your pontoon boat sale for pontoon boat lifts. Oklahoma voters depend on boat floater of oklahoma Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma