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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

This is podcast number 23 for Boat Floater of Oklahoma. I’m here with Wes Hamilton, he’s the owner of Boat Floater of Oklahoma and we’ll be talking about the boat lifts Oklahoma boaters have come to rely on. You were talking about Grand Lake, but there’s some other lakes out there that we service. Some, like I, mentioned Keystone and Tenkiller I, didn’t hear you mention Fort Gibson. And that really a great left, a great boat lifts Oklahoma boaters have come to rely on as our classic model on lake fort, Gibson because those day older, enclosed ox typically were built smaller and not exceptionally long slip near the boats back 30 years ago were smaller when for the people, but so they have limited space and boats are getting bigger and bigger wire classic model will classically model. Boat lift will allow a larger boat to fit into a small slip because it brings the boat forward to 53 feet when it rises. So, if you’ve got the 20-foot slip and you purchase a 21-foot boat dock and you’ve got a boat and you’ve got an enclosed dock, which often in close docs, have garage doors on the back. So, she don’t want to have to leave the garage door up with you know a foot or more of your boat sticking out the boat or sticking out the back of the. So, the boat lift. We recommend for people have gotten close docs and they want to put a bigger boat in there is our classic model because it brings. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma You can bring the front of the boat up over the front of the., so if you’ve got to walkway there at the you’ve got a u-shaped slip. So, you’ve got what we call the head pier at the front. We can bring the front of the boat over the front of the dock, with a classic model boat left and am when it comes to classic model boat lifts that something that you need to, but flutter right here in Oklahoma for and started out with what we call now or classic model, and that’s the model that I dis just described to you when it raises about it. I’ll bring it, anyway, depending on the size of the left. We start out at a 4500-pound lift, and that brings the boat forward, typically about 30. In so the like it sitting on Fort Gibson Lake. If you’ve got a 22-foot tritoon, it’s a 22 foot, tritoon pontoon boat will bring that boat forward about 30 in in your slip and utilize more of your dock space that you have earlier. You had mentioned that one of your favorite legs to work on is Tenkiller and what type of boat lifts Oklahoma voters must choose from for Tenkiller lake. Do you see certain models being used? More often there than others 6600 this year done three of those down on lake Tenkiller done a couple of pontoon tritoon 25, ft, tritoon Bennington boats there at the Lake Tenkiller a beautiful like clearwater, and you know it’s usually pretty calmed a nice scenery around. So, so it’s a beautiful life, perfect for boat floater, boat lift. So, what other likes do you service in and give me your favorites? Well lake Eufaula boat, floater boat lifts on lake, Eufaula, great, lake, Skiatook Lake! If you have the Cross Timbers Marina there, so we’ve got some boat floaters in the Keystone Lake city of Tulsa and then also quite a few boats out there on Thunderbird Lake outside of Norman, Oklahoma. So, I mentioned, there’s even some private lakes in Oklahoma that nobody knows about her boat lifts on some private likes that I never knew existed, that that is when you’re doing it like wow. This would be awesome to have your own private, lake and they’re always set up for a big family activity, and you can just imagine all the fun that you could have there on it. On a private lake or really any like here in Oklahoma, is it’s a blessing that we have so much water here in Oklahoma, for people do get out and enjoy so we found, of course, of people a boat lift. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma that Oklahomans have come to rely on or boat loader boat lifts than making them since 1974. So, it’s a company, that’s been around a long time that you can depend on to be there. If you do have problems, I mean Oklahoma. Weather is unpredictable and we can have extreme weather events in an extreme weather event. If you have something on the water and things can get messed up, and so that’s one thing that we pride our self on is doing quality, lift or work on the boat lifts here in Oklahoma and taking care of people a boat floater in it. The only lift that has a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tank I, don’t know about the. Only one voice doesn’t do a lifetime warranty on their polyethylene tank. So, we stand behind our polyethylene tanks, a boat, floater industries. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks. For your boat, lift for your boat floater and that deck covers the workmanship ton of the tank, so you can rely on them on the equality when you buy a boat floater with we put a lot of lot more material into our polyethylene tanks versus our competitors, and that’s why we can offer that lifetime warranty and then also we there’s a lot of steel components on a boat lift, and then we really use that a heavy gates feel and that’s hot dipped, galvanized, so you’re not going to have the rusting to your boat, lift and all the parts all the steel parts are above the waterline and that’s important. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma I’m older models of the boat floater boat lifts in older model, hydro hoist boat lifts, had to steal that would be below the waterline in the sings. The water quality here in Oklahoma is getting worse and worse, so it would quickly rust the steel parts that were below the waterline so rushed happens that still gets weekend then eventually would break and then you’d have a problem with your boat left. But now everything is above the water line on a boat, floater, boat lift, so the rusting a problem has been eliminated. So, when it comes to boat lifts in Oklahoma, voters can rely on. They can give you a call at boat, floater of Oklahoma. What you mentioned that you haven’t on the dock: free consultation. What are you going to be looking at when you get? There is especially important. We always like to come out and look at your boat. It’s best to see the boat when it’s out of the water, so we can get the proper measurements, but also death to get a feel for how rough the water is and then also to measure your boat dock slip, how wide it is and how long it is, and so we can position your boat and the boat left. The boat floater boat, lifts Oklahoma boaters have come to rely on when we can get that put in your boat dock professionally and right the first time, they should call you before or after they buy the boat. Well, during the process, give us a call and tell us what kind of boats are looking at and we can come out there and look at your document and tell you whether that is the best you’re how that boat steps in your boat dock with both left so give us a call. When you start looking at boats, boats too big, then you would think people get excited when they’re getting a new boat and often, they see the one they must have and don’t think of what needs to happen after that to safely secure that boat. So, give us a call before you make such a big purchase a new boat. We are the Pontoon Boat Lift and Pontoon Boat Lifts pros!