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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Wes Hamilton,  the owner of Boat Floater of Oklahoma and he’ll be talking about the pontoon boat lifts & tritoon boat lifts Oklahoma boaters have come to rely on. Not only are our boat lifts on Grand Lake, but boaters from all over the area including Keystone, Tenkiller and Fort Gibson lakes are raving over our lifts. Boat lifts will allow a larger boat to fit into a smaller slip because it brings the boat forward when it rises. Pontoon Boat Lifts from Boat Floater can bring the front of the boat up over the front of the head pier.

On a private lake or really any like here in Oklahoma, is it’s a blessing that we have so much water here in Oklahoma, for people do get out and enjoy a boat lift. Pontoon Boat Lifts that Oklahomans have come to rely on are boat floater boat lifts since 1974. So, it’s a company, that’s been around a long time that you can depend on to be there if you do have problems. Weather is unpredictable and we can have extreme weather events in an extreme weather event. If you have something on the water and things can get messed up, and so that’s one thing that we pride our self on is doing quality work on the boat lifts here in Oklahoma.

The only lift that has a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tank. So, we stand behind our polyethylene tanks. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the polyethylene tanks. For your boat, lift for your boat floater and that deck covers the workmanship on the tank, so you can rely on them on the equally when you buy a boat floater with we put a lot of lot more material into our polyethylene tanks versus our competitors. There’s a lot of steel components on a boat lift, and we use a hot dipped, galvanized steel, so you’re not going to have the rusting to your boat, lift and all the parts all the steel parts are above the waterline and that’s important. We are the Pontoon Boat Lift and Pontoon Boat Lifts pros!