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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma | Owning It

Alright, this is podcast episode, number 9 and it’s for boat floater of oklahoma. We will be talking about the pontoon boat lifts, that oklahoma boaters need so pontoon boat, lifts, oklahoma voters need are available at boat floater of oklahoma ave. West hamilton is the owner of boat floater here to talk about that today, good morning, wes good morning and tell me a little bit about the type of boat lifts that took a boat, floater oklahomayeah, that’s where the distributors of boat, floater, boat, lifts and here in oklahoma, and we specialize in pontoon boat lifts here in oklahoma that it and we actually cover all the lights in oklahoma. So if you’re on grand, like you, follow lake tenkiller, lake, boat, floater, pontoon boat lifts in oklahoma, or we can get you set up for whatever kind of pontoon boats. You have what is unique about a pontoon boat, lift compared to say just a regular boat lift tickets for a v whole bolt, v hull, boat yeah. You know, pontoon boats have become real popular over the last few years. In pontoon. Boats have two pontoons that run the entire length of the boat. There they’re the same size and diameter and length and the entire length of the boat. So it’s you have to have the the left so went whenever you get a the from bigfoot of oklahoma, we specifically set it up for a pontoon boat.Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma What is the specific thing you do to make? It apply for a pontoon boat, close to just any other boat. We make sure that each one of the tunes on the boat, and sometimes you have three tunes, which we call it a tritoon, but each tune on your pontoon boat is supported by carpeted. Wood would bumps okay, and we have special brackets that attach to the left and each bunk cradles each tune to give it the proper support. While it’s on your boat floater boat, lift. So if I just bought a new pontoon boat, what do I need to take into consideration if I want to lift for that boat? The first thing:you need to make sure that the slip for the boat dock that you’re putting it in and if your pontoon boat actually fits in it. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma That often times I run into the situation where I customers have that bought a boat, and then they realize that the boat that they bought doesn’t actually fit in their boat dock slip. So we have a unique left at boat. Floater called that the classic model in the classic model was first made in 1974 right here in oklahoma, and it operates, unlike any other lift out there or boat lift out there, and it actually brings the boat forward as it raises it, and typically it’ll bring the the boat for about 30. In so with that lift with the boat floater classic model and say, you’ve got a pontoon boat left. It can bring the front of the boat over the front of the slip or take up the entire length of the slip. So you have more room that is usually under cover. If the boats not too big work, typically, the most common lives out there are a large number of them, are what we call free-floating style or pivot arm left in those lips are set up to take the boat backwards as a raise, so the classic model does the opposite. It brings it forward, so it gives you more and utilizes more space in your slip than other boat lift out there. Is that something unique about photo of oklahoma, only one to provide that left that often so for pontoon boat lifts. Oklahoma. Voters really want to utilize the classic lift from boat floater of oklahoma, specially if they’re limited on space in their slip more in in the length of their slept. But if you’re looking. If if your slip is narrow on the width and we also offer the free floater boat, floater, pontoon, boat, left and deadlift has less steel inside the slip works at act. So so a lot of pontoon boat, lift owners, look for ar, freefloat or, if they’re limited on, went so 2. Things that you have to keep in mind are the width of your slip and then also the length of your slip. What do you recommend if I just bought a new pontoon boat and I need a lift? So what what should I do not give us a call at the boat floater of oklahoma, and we do a free on the dock. Consultation will come out and measure everything, take a look at your boat dock, take a look at your boat and will make a recommendation on what the best boat, floater pontoon boat, lift here in oklahoma that have what what do I need to do if I already have a lift? Well, if you already have left, then first we determine what style lift it is and what brand and then whether it can be retrofitted to accommodate a pontoon boat, lift or a pontoon boat, and you know at that point:sometimes the cost to retrofit a used, lift is not economically feasible on, doesn’t really make sense, sometimes, but sometimes it does. It depends on how old the lift is, whether it can be cost-effectively, upgrade it to a pontoon boat, lift if I want to upgrade my boat lift. How do we? How do I do that? Well, the same thing you come in and give give us a call, and let us know what kind of boat lift you have and how its setup and oftentimes you can email us pictures or text message message, pictures to us and we can kind of walk. You through the process and and tell you what you need and how much it cost. Why do you think so? Many boats are super easy and to operate for one thing that and most of them have outboard engines on them, and those outboard engines are very reliable and now they’re in 4-stroke on those pontoon boats and it’s lot quieter operating than than the old 2 stroke motor. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So people enjoy the the quiet quietness of the motor everybody’s not having to talk over it, but also it’s full that you have lots of space to walk around you’re, not climbing over the seats and everything all the time, so kids can run around grandparents can walk easily around the boat, and it’s just it’s a great family boat sailboat left is going to be important to keep the fun going on going up there. That’s a good point that pontoon boats and those tunes in the water and if it’s not on a boat, lift those tunes get very slimy in icky and and once that happens, that pontoon does not perform like it was intended to it. It makes a huge difference. People are amazed. The difference in from when they got the boat if they leave the boat in the water for any length of time at all, when they take it out it doesn’t. The steering is not responsive. The speed slows down and plus it just looks terrible that pontoon boat lifts Oklahoma is going to be important because they help keep the boat clean, keeps the boat clean and at the original performance of of your boat, the integrity of that will be preserved by being on a pontoon boat left. One other thing is:is when storms come in and you’ve got it tied up at your boat dock inside the slip in a real bad storm control boat around pretty severely. So you got those tunes that are at the water line, and then you have the dock structure on the pontoon boat. It wants to smash into the dock. When storms come in or big waves from other boats coming by. So when you’re on a pontoon boat left, it helps protect your boat from damage in the storms and ruff-ruff water situations. BoatFloaterOK.com sells the pontoon boat lifts Oklahoma boaters really need. All right, this is Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma