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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Okay, starting over this is podcast number 5 for boat floater of Oklahoma, and we will be discussing pontoon boat lifts today, I’m here with west hamilton, he is the owner of boat floater of oklahoma good morning good morning. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma There are a variety of lifts that but float of oklahoma. It has one of the lifts, though that’s particularly unique or or created for pontoon boats is a pontoon lift. Tell me a little bit about that. Well, in pontoon, lift is specifically designed for a pontoon boat and yeah. The pontoon boat has two tunes and the boat floater boat lift is designed and set up to cradle and to properly lift your pontoon boatso. What’s different about a pontoon boat, lift than a just a regular boat lift. Well, if it’s the way that the the lift holds the pontoon boat to like 70 teach pontoon boat has two tunes in the boat floater boat left has to what we call a pontoon kit in pontoon kit go ahead and pontoon kit has what we call two bunks that cradle each pontoon on a pontoon boat, so that that bunk is 14, ft long and it’s a two-by-four covered in carpet and then underneath the support. The wooden carpet. Bunk is a steel galvanized structure that runs the entire length. Also, the 14 ft wooden carpet fell on a pontoon kit for aboat floater boat lift. You have four of those, so the tunes on the punching. That’s where the the things that the boat is basically floating on pontoon logs and there’s another type of boat to that has teens a tritoon. The way we classify as a pontoon boat has to tune so on the outside. They have to to tunes or logs, and then a tritoon has the third one down the centerso. How many pontoon tritoon type boat lifts? Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Do you put in a year? Oh yeah, it’s getting warm or meet you. There, because those boats are becoming more popular, so the majority of my business now is doing on tuner tritoon boats will do 30 or 40 pontoon boat lifts at least a year. I don’t know, I haven’t counted the exact number, so he has several different models of boat lifts. Is there a particular model that is that’s better for the pontoon boat, with a lot of that depends on the length of the tunes on on your pontoon boat, but typically, the most common size left is our 6600 lb left and in that’s for most of the tritoon boats and and we do more tritoon boats than pontoon boats. Cuz tritoons are becoming more popular because of the stability of them in that extra steering and they seem to be take the way who’s better on the rough lakes, but that the triton boats typically will go on our 6600 lb boat floater left. My second, a free floater is is one of those models better for a pontoon, a tritoon boat they’re, both designed and set up for a pontoon a tritoon boat. But if your slip is 10 ft wide the free floater model and work better, because there is less steel structure of the left inside the slip most of it will be below the water. So it gives you more room to moor your boat or your pontoon boat, to bring it into the slip with the free float or model. So what if you already have a boat photo free photo model? Can you use a kid or something to yes on both the the free floater and they the classic model? And that is something we definitely have seen an increase in of the last few years, as people are changing from the typical runabout or bowrider ski type boat. A lot of people are transitioning to a pontoon, a tritoon boats that they have an existing boat, floater classic or a boat, floater free, float or left, and we do offer a pontoon or tritoon conversion kit I’m. So basically, what that entails is taken off the v hull bumps off your boat floater and then installing the pontoon, a tritoon kit. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So will any boat floater work to be converted to a pontoon, a tritoon or what are what are some of the things you have to take in account when someone is going from one type of boat to another, any of the boat floater classic models are boat. Floater free floater models can be converted to a pontoon, a tritoon left. The main thing you want to need to you’ll need to know where the two things is:the weight of the new pontoon boat or tritoon boat in the links of the boat I’m. So, for example, it if you’ve got a 24, ft, tritoon boat and you got a 4500 pound boat floater left. Sometimes that is not the appropriate lift for that. Try to because of the tanks on the on that 4500 lb, lift, are only 10 ft long well, you’ve got a 24-foot pontoon or tritoon boat, so you have a lot of weight hanging over the front of the tank. So that’s kind of like trying to bend over way in front of you and pick up. Wait it’s hard to do work you just been straight down and and lift straight up. You can use folk passing the same way with the left, so you want to make sure if you’ve got a 24 foot, tritoon boat, that you’re putting it on a 6600 pound left cuz. The tanks are longer there 15 foot long and will support your punt or your tritoon boat, a lot better and left it properly. What about the pontoon boats? Is there a maximum weight on the pontoon boats or, what’s the what’s the weight, variance, typically on a tritoon, pontoon boat? Their course are going to be lighter because they don’t have the third tune in the middle and also use pontoon boat? Does it have quite as much seating or extras on it? So it doesn’t weigh as much so a lot of times you can. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma You can put a 4500 pound today, pontoon boat, that is 24 foot long on a 4500 pound left, but it’s always best to give us a call and we’ll come out and look at the boat and look at the left and and tell you what you need to do that for the pontoon boats a lot of times you can get away with the lift that you possibly already have because of how? How big do the pontoon boats get generally? What’s the highest weight class for I’m, not sure on the white class, but it’s typically the length of the longest I’ve seen on a pontoon boat that means to tunes is 24 ft. What are some other considerations to take into account for that’s why I probably would be best for us to come out there and visit your doc and look at the the boat, because sometimes you have to reposition the boat lift in the slip, so the boat will be balanced properly on the left account for the size of the boat slip, 10ft versus 12 foot, for example. Yes, I want one, you know existing lyft, so you have what you have so we can. We can most the time that make it work. I have. If you got a 10 foot wide slip, we can make anything any of the classic models. Also work. It’s just a tight fit and some people are uncomfortable with that tight fit and sometimes have chosen to to go ahead and get a new left and do the free, floater, boat, boat, floater boat, left for your pontoon boat or tritoon boat. You might consider the free floater boat lift crying. What other considerations do new pontoon tritoon owners need to take in account when getting a new boat lift. They need to take into account that the size of your pontoon tritoon boat and in the wait and then also how wide there slept is. So definitely if you got a 10 ft wide slip, you I want to go with us. Free floater left all right and you do free on the. Consultations for new list and it’s easier for the customer and easier for us. If we go up there and do everything right the first time. So if you did that free consultation, we get it right thanks. Okay, this is Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma