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Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma

Alright, we’re here today with boat floater of Oklahoma, and we are going to be talking about pontoon and tritoon boat lifts and and there’s a distinction. What’s the difference between a pontoon boat lift and a tritoon boat lift? pontoon boat lift has two toons, so the outer side of the boat there is a toon on the left side and then on the right side. There’s another 10, so that is a pontoon to tunes help. People usually call their tritoon pontoon. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma Sometimes I’ve heard is a pontoon, the same thing as a tritoon there different, but pontoon is a generalized term. A tritoon is a pontoon with outer to, but then one also in the center, so it actually has 3tunes on a try to a pontoon just has to okay. So a pontoon has two tunes and a tritoon has three tunes now does boat floater of oklahoma specialize in pontoon boats and triton boats, boat lifts, boat, floater of oklahoma sells boat lifts for pontoon boats and triton boats by owner of a pontoon boat need to know before they call you. The pontoon boat owner needs to know the length of their their boat. So typically, you measure the pontoons from front to back and get that size on on both sides and then also the distance from the center of the tune to the center of the other tune. What that distance is so we can set up the pontoon bunks on your boat floater boat, lift to fitwhat’s your boat perfectly. So how long are the pontoon boat bunks generally for a pontoon boat? Will the pontoon bunks on a boat motor boat, lift or 14 foot long 14 ft long ride? If you add the tritoon still 14 foot long, but just remember on a pontoon boat, you can kind of look at your trailer on that the pontoon boats and the tritoon boats, but each what we called bunks. It’s the carpeted board that runs the 14ft long, there’s two of those for each tune on your boat and those carpet of bunks cradle your pontoon. But one thing we do differently than what’s on most your trailers for the boat lift. We have steel, galvanized steel supports underneath the the bunks, the wooden carpet, bunks, the entire lengththat 14 foot bunk. So you have a lot more support on a boat lift than you do on your trailer. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma So is boat floater of oklahoma boat lifts. Are they specially designed to accommodate a pontoon, a tritoon boat? What makes them unique? We build. The lift specifically for pontoon boats are tritoon boats when you order it so it. But one thing it:it’s very important when you call in and we’ll ask questions also, but for a boat, floater boat left. We need to know whether you you have a pontoon or tritoon, so we can make sure we get the right set up for your pontoon boat or your tritoon boat boat. They have three tunes correct three tunes witch that translates into six bucks, so you have two bunks per tune on a boat, floater boat, lift for a tritoon sew on a patch boat. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma You would just have four, because you have two tunes two bunks per tune on a boat, floater boat, lift for a pontoon boat, all right. So if the pontoon boats are do they generally have issues with getting them appropriately put in their boat slip, well, on a on a pontoon lift or is in specially a tritoon live. Typically, a tritoon lift or tritoon boat is 8 foot 6 inch wide. If you have a 10 foot slip and we go with the boat floater free floater model, which you have to fit the lift installed the lift inside the slip, and it takes up less room inside the slip and gives you more room to bring your boat into the slip and safely docket said to bring your pontoon or tritoon boat into the slip. I would want to have a boat floater as opposed to another sort of left. The boat floater free, float or lift is perfect for a pontoon or tritoon boat pontoon boat. Again only has two teams and a tritoon has three teams:pontoon a tritoon, a lot of times get used interchangeably. That’s right! We want to make sure that there is a distinction when looking at lifts are considering a boat, lift that you know whether you have a pontoon boat or a tritoon boat. Yeah for us to properly set up your boat, floater boat lift. We need to make sure that each tune is supported. So if you have the pontoon boat, your boat floater, boat lift will have the setup up two bunks per too so that would equal for an element on a tritoon boat. You would have for your boat floater boat lift. You would have 6 bucks. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma A boat floater of oklahoma boat left can give you the the n sizing and the amount of bugs that you need to support a tritoon, pontoon boat or any tritoon boat out. There. Are you specific to oklahoma lakes with a pontoons and try tunes yeah? We specialize in oklahoma where the premier installers and sellers of for pontoon boats, tritoon boats and whatever kind of boat you have or the specialist here in oklahoma a boat, floater boat, lift a boat load of oklahoma boat lifts, because they can properly support your pontoon and triton boats. Pontoon Boat Lifts Oklahoma