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Need a Tritoon Boat Lift?

A tritoon boat lift is simply a Classic Model boat lift or a Free Floater boat lift that has been modified with a tritoon kit so that it can accommodate a tritoon boat.  A tritoon boat is similar to a pontoon boat.  The main difference is that a tritoon boat has three “toons” or logs that it rests on instead of two.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Tritoon Boat Lift

There are several things to consider when purchasing a boat lift for your tritoon.  One is the weight of the boat.  Manufacturers often list the dry weight of the boat with the specs when the boat is purchased.  You can also find this information on-line on most manufacturers websites.  However, that’s only one piece of the puzzle.  The other thing you need to know is the capacity weight.  How much does the tritoon weigh with engine, fuel, possibly people and whatever lake toys that would be on the boat when it is being lifted out of the water.  So a manufacturer’s site may say the dry weight of the boat (no fuel, no motor) is 3900 pounds.  This boat would not do well on a 4500 pound lift.

Sizing Up

The weight capacity of the boat lift versus the weight of the boat is often a confusing issue when trying to figure out which tritoon boat lift is going to be the right size.  Another thing to consider is the size of the boat slip.  Most boat lifts come standard to fit a 10′ boat slip.  If your slip is larger than 10′, you will need an additional kit that will make the lift the right size for a 12′ boat slip.  This often adds to the cost of the boat lift, so it is important to know this information up front.

Let Boat Floater of Oklahoma Help!

Boat Floater of Oklahoma can help you avoid costly mistakes when buying a boat lift.  They are Oklahoma’s boat lift specialist because it’s truly all they do.  Before buying a tritoon boat lift, or better yet, before buying a tritoon boat, give them a call.  By answering a few questions, they can help prevent surprises like buying a lift that is too small for your boat or not taking in account the size of the boat slip.  Avoid costly mistakes.  Call Oklahoma’s Pontoon Boat Lifts specialist today!