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What is Special About a Tritoon Boat Lift?

A Tritoon Boat Lift is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of a tritoon boat.  Any boat floater lift can be modified to accommodate a tritoon.  There are a couple things that are specifically different about this type of lift than a traditional V-hull lift.  For example,  when a lift is modified to lift a tritoon, it has two additional (for a total of three) bunks that are added to the lift.  See pictures below:

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Grand Lake. Boat Floater 9800# Free Floater with tritoon boat lift conversion kit & galvanized steel walkways

BF 66 FF S Wiles North Shore Grand 2302 E Preview

Traditional Free Floater Boat Lift without Tritoon conversion kit

Will a Tritoon Lift Cost More?

When you purchase a new tritoon boat, the next thing most people realize is that they will get far more enjoyment of their lake experience if they have a boat lift that will allow them to drop their boat and go.  Launching and trailering a tritoon boat can be a daunting task for sure.  So, yes, owning a tritoon can add an additional cost to the boating experience.  Not only does the lift have a cost, but there is usually an additional charge for a tritoon conversion kit.

Why Get a Boat Floater Boat Lift?

Boat Floater makes a high-quality, low maintenance boat lift.  It is a lift that has been manufactured since 1974 and it is not uncommon to come across Boat Floater boat lifts that have been in the water and functioning for 20-30 years.  Often times people are replacing the lift because they got a bigger boat, not because the boat lift was malfunctioning.  Quality is definitely something to consider when purchasing a new lift.  All new boat lifts are expensive.  What’s more expensive is when you spend a lot of money on a low-quality lift and then end up with significant maintenance problems or need to replace it in a couple of years.

Boat Floater Models

Boat Floater of Oklahoma is the exclusive distributor of Boat Floater boat lifts in Oklahoma.  There are two lifts to choose from that make excellent tritoon boat lifts.  The Classic Model and the Free Floater.  The best advice when choosing which lift is appropriate for your tritoon boat is to give Oklahoma’s boat lift specialist a call.  We will come out, assess your dock and make the best recommendation for your situation. We are your Pontoon Boat Lifts specialist!