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Tritoon Boat Lifts

It’s finally summer!  Well almost.  If you happened to get a new tritoon boat it is quite possible you are also in the market for a new boat lift.  Tritoon boat lifts are definitely gaining traction as one of the most often ordered boat lifts that are installed by Oklahoma’s boat lift specialist at Boat Floater of Oklahoma.  The thing that differentiates tritoon boat lifts from others is that the boat lift is modified to cradle the “toons” of the tritoon.  Tritoon boat lifts have three cradles or bunks for their toons or logs and Pontoon boat lifts of course only have two.

Things to Consider

Things to consider before purchasing a new boat lift are the size and weight of your boat and also the dimensions of your boat slip.  Most boat lifts come standard to to fit in a 10-12′ wide boat slip.  This includes tritoon boat lifts.  If your boat slip is greater than 12′ wide the boat lift will require modifications and therefore will increase the cost of the lift.  So before calling to check the price of a new boat lift, make sure to take time to measure your boat slip to see if it is a standard or large (wide) slip.  Also, you will want to know the height of the roof of your dock.  This can help determine what model of Boat Floater boat lift will be most appropriate for your tritoon or pontoon.

Boat Floater Models

There are two Boat Floater models, the Classic Model lift and the Free Floater lift.  The classic model lift is unique to Boat Floater boat lifts.  Boat Floater is the only boat lift manufacturer that makes a lift that works the way it does.  The classic model’s arms are stationary and they lift the boat both up AND forward.  This can be important when putting a large tritoon boat in a small or short slip.  Since the lift moves forward, it can bring the entire tritoon or pontoon boat forward and up which will allow the entire boat to fit under the roof of the dock structure.

You are not Alone

When it comes to tritoon boat lifts, take the time to look at what Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Specialist has to offer.  We have installed thousands of lifts on Oklahoma lakes and are ready to make you a very satisfied customer.  Call Boat Floater of Oklahoma today! We are your Pontoon Boat Lifts specialist!