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Many of calls we get at Boat Floater of Oklahoma are for used boat lifts.  Used boat lifts can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars when it comes to finding a boat lift for your boat.  There are a few things to consider though before buying used boat lifts.  For example, when you buy used boat lifts from a reputable dealer like Boat Floater of Oklahoma, we’ve inspected the lift for leaks, have made sure all attachments and parts are in good and working condition and have tested the hoses for leaks as well.  Used boat lifts can save you some money but they come with some definite challenges as well.

First and foremost, most used boat lifts, including tritoon boatlifts are anywhere from from 10-20 years old.  They will NOT come with a warranty on tanks or parts.  They are generally an “as is sale”.  What this means is the money saved today buying a used boat lift will possibly be spent on repairs.  With the lift being older, it is possible that the parts needed to replace broken or leaky parts may no longer be available.  Take for instance galvanized steel tanks.  If you are lucky to find some in good condition that don’t leak, you may get several years of use out of the used lift.  But if you end up with a slow leak (which may not be obvious until after you have purchased the lift and put your boat on it) The tank will likely have to be replaced.  This will be costly.  Galvanized tanks are no longer manufactured so the tanks will have to be replaced with polyethylene tanks.  This will cost several thousand dollars.

New boat lifts are expensive, but with Boat Floater’s lifetime warranty on the heavy-duty polyethylene tanks and five-year warranty on galvanized steel parts, the cost becomes more reasonable as you will likely hang on to this lift for many years.  When looking for used boat lifts in Oklahoma, give Boat Floater of Oklahoma a call.  Sometimes we can find what you are looking for.  What we do promise is that whatever solution we work on together, you will be a highly satisfied customer.  Give us a call. It would be an honor to earn your business. We are the Pontoon Boat Lift and Pontoon Boat Lifts pros!


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