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So You Need a Pontoon Boat Lift?

Pontoons are a very popular boat for families and really anyone that wants to enjoy area lakes to the fullest.  They are family friendly, easy to move around and generally a comfortable and fun way to spend the day on the lake.  What makes it even more enjoyable is if you are able to keep you boat on a pontoon boat lifts.  This type of lift specifically holds or cradles the “toons” and gently lifts your boat in and out of the water.  So much easier than dealing with the boat ramp!

Boat Floater Lifts

There are two types of lifts that Boat Floater makes.  One is the Classic Model boat lift, the other is the Free Floater boat lift.  When considering a pontoon boat lift, you will want to look at each of these models and how they can be configured to meet your docking and lifting needs.

Free Floater Model

photo of a pontoon boat lift

Any Boat Floater Free Floater model can be modified to become a Pontoon Boat Lift

The Free Floater model has several advantages.  It is the most durable swing are boat lift in the industry and weighs considerably more than most competitors models.  All Boat Floater boat lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty on tanks and five year warranty on the galvanized steel structure.  These are considered one the longest lasting boat lifts available.

Classic Model Boat Lift

The Classic Model boat lift is a design unique to Boat Floater.  There is no other lift in the industry with this design.  What makes the classic model unique is that it air locks in the “up” position.  There are no arms that move independently from the dock structure.  Since there are no moving parts when the lift is in the up position, wear and tear on the dock is minimized.  This is important particularly in rough water areas.

Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Specialist

Figuring out which lift is right for you can be made easier by giving Wes Hamilton a call at Boat Floater of Oklahoma.  918-256-3330.  He and his crew are considered Oklahoma’s boat lift specialists because boat lifts are all they do.  So before you buy a pontoon boat lift, give Boat Floater of Oklahoma a call and give them a chance to earn your business!