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Classic Model Lifts

Classic Model Lifts

Boat Floater of Oklahoma Classic Model Boat Lift

Boat Lifts Oklahoma Boaters Rely On



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  • The Classic Model boat lift travels forward as it raises your boat.  This boat lift is exclusively available from Boat Floater of Oklahoma.  It’s the only boat lift on the market that operates in this manner.  The Classic model boat lift is ideal for fitting a large or tall boat in a small slip.  The Classic Model maximizes the size of boat your dock can accommodate. The lift can be positioned to bring the bow of the boat up and over the front of the slip.
  • The Classic Model can be modified to accommodate a Pontoon or Tritoon boat.  It is one of the boat lifts Oklahoma pontoon and tritoon boaters rely on to lift their boat.
  • Boat Floater Classic Model air locks in the “UP” position. This eliminates moving parts, bouncing, squeaking and wear & tear on your lift & dock. This is helpful if your dock is in a rough water area of the lake.
  • Once the boat lift is in the “UP” position, the boat is prevented from vertically travelling any higher. This allows boats with canopies, towers and other accessories to be safely lifted without fear of hitting the roof.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on polyethylene tanks.
  • Five year warranty on galvanized steel upper structure.
  • The Classic Model boat lift is upgradeable. Add a tank for more capacity. (Not available on all models)
  • All steel components are above the water.
  • No additional rough water kit is necessary


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