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This is podcast episode, number 18 for Boat Floater of Oklahoma. Wes Hamilton is here today to talk about what makes boat floater of Oklahoma boat lift, so unique.  Boat Floater of Oklahoma offers two models of lifts that can be modified to become a pontoon boat lift. We have the classic boat lift and we also had the free floater boat lift. What’s the difference between a classic model and a free floater model?  well, the classic model works guide arm system and it actually locks in with the boat dock as it brings the the boat lift forward and your boat for it as it raises it travels about 2 foot foward.  The guide arms will lift the bottom out on a nylon roller, so once it bottoms out on that, that lift does not sit there and bounce around a lot of models are free-floating model in the hydrohoist level.

What’s so Great About a Boat Floater?

Some of the “economy lifts” those work on a hinge, arm system and that pivot and a lot of times those pivoting style less. If you’re in real rough water, they will sit there and bounce around. They didn’t have bushing that took in accountant for the where that would happen with steel on steel and then, of course, you’ve got to account for the economy lift, and it’s it as it’s described her name.  It’s an economy boat lift and it doesn’t have any bushings at all on there and hinge arm pivot style, lift sew-in real rough water. They’ll sit around in the bounce around in the slip and with steel on steel. If your lift it’s constantly in motion and we’re with our free floater model. Ever since we started making that model, we’ve had high density, polyethylene bushings at all. Those critical connections were steel. On steel could be we’ll put a bushing in there too, and take out the squeaking and also the wear and tear on the left. So it’s so. It’s no belt the last and built the to take on the rough water. Where a lot of the older hydrohoist in the econo lifts and, like i, said it’s steel on steel and hear them out there at night, squeaking farts in in when you’re wearing out parts. That’s when things are going to start to break and if you’re not paying attention and you got problems, can give you a call in what are Oklahoma’s going to offer more choice as well.

It sounds like we’ve got two models to choose from on the classic model. If you got a 25 or 24 foot boat or let’s say 24 foot long slip and you got a 25 ft, long boat, the, boat, lifts, Oklahoma boaters have gone to since 1974 is the classic model because it can bring the front of their boat over the front of the boatso. You can fit more of your boat, underneath the roof of your doc and protect it. Cuz we’ve been floating Oklahoma. Boaters final, since 1974 on the classic boat lifts, Oklahoma boaters have found that it’s been a very reliable lift form for 44 years down, so the great great boat. What lakes can you find? A boat floater of Oklahoma, onat boat, floater of Oklahoma? We specialize or Oklahoma boat lift specialist, so we’ve gone to lakes all over Oklahoma such as Lawtonka, Thunderbird, Texoma, Broken Bow, Eufaula Lake, Lake Tenkiller, Grand Lake, Keystone Lake, Fort Gibson Lake, Skiatook Lake, and many more. I’m, trying to think of the one way out west around the Clinton, Oklahoma and I’ve, been everywhere putting boat lifts in for a boat boat, floater of Oklahoma and boat lifts Oklahoma boaters come to rely on is! Is that classic model we made it since 1974 I’ve put them on private lakes that don’t even know where out there, and then you go in this piece of property and there’s a like. There was one boat docks I’ve had many great experiences as seeing likes all over the state of Oklahoma and meeting interesting people. Button boat lifts in. So, if that you mention that they have private lakes, those tend to be calmer, likes I’m sure it is. Does it matter what type of boat lift you choose based on your light conditions so like? If you need a boat lifts, Oklahoma boaters need to consider what well you need to consider the size of your slept that that’s, probably the most important consideration and but also the how rough the water is in the classic. Model doesn’t have as many moving parts and model lifts that are available right now to cuddle if they don’t have anything like the classic model let’s rock, the boat lifts Oklahoma boaters have come to rely on and rough water and and to meet unique situations. Is the classic model boat, floater, boat left and our competitors don’t offer anything like it so yeah, it’s it’s very unique and people seek it out and because, if it works in situations where other boat lifts won’t work. So if you need a boat lifts, Oklahoma boaters need to give boat floater of Oklahoma a call one of the things that you provide for boat owners isn’t on the. Consultation. So what are some of the things that you’re going to be looking for, and why is it so important for you to come out and do an under the. Consultation, which is free by the way it’s a free consultation will come out and look at your boat docking and look and see where it is on the lake.

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When considering a purchase of a Pontoon Boat Lift,  ask yourself several questions, like:  Are you back in a cove? Are you getting the north wind, that’s hitting your dock, or is it the south? When do you have a lot of boat traffic to goes in front of your dock? What is the boat dock constructed of?  is it made out of 8 inch steel channel? Is it made out of angle?  What kind of decking do you have? Do you have concrete tiles? Do you have composite decking? Do you have wood decking? Do you have encapsulated flotation?  There’s a lot of things and, of course this is what we look at when we come out. We’ve seen all kinds of situations on Oklahoma lakes. So we can assess what’s the best for your needs and we have more offering some for your for your different needs with the classic model boat floater and also the free floater model boat. Floater boat lift people can use in all situations.

What are some of your favorite likes to work on all the lights in oklahoma, but because, probably my favorite one to work on it so wet wet, boat lift model. Do they generally go for the classic? Model is what I mostly put on on on tenkiller, because they’re they did the situation, there’s quite a few enclosed docks down there. So so a lot of time with the enclosed docks the boat floater classic is perfect for those situations. But if you got a tritoon boat left in the end, I have put quite a few tritoons in there on on tenkiller, like I I’ll. Do the free float or model cuz? It has less components on the inside of the slip, especially if the boat slip is 10 ft wide the, boat, lifts, oklahoma boaters of found works best for that situation, is our classic model or are free-floating model boat left from boat floater of oklahoma? So if you need a boat lifts, oklahoma boaters need to give you a call at boat, floater oklahoma, which phone number phone number is 918-256-3330, free, open for open, 6 days 6 days out of the week. Alright, give him a call.