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Pontoon Boat Lift Specialist

There’s two Boat Floater of Oklahoma Boat Floater lifts easily modified with a kit to accommodate a pontoon or tritoon lift.  These styles are: The Classic Model boat lift and the Free Floater Boat Lift.  When choosing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind which we will discuss in this article.  But if you need help deciding, Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Specialist, Wes Hamilton can help you out.

Classic Model Boat Lift

The Classic Model is unique design only by Boat Floater of Oklahoma.  It is an ideal pontoon boat lifts for two situations.  One is rough water areas.  The constant moving and bobbing of a boat lift in rough water conditions causes premature wear and tear. The Classic Model Lift is stationary when locked in the “up” position, eliminating all bounce and side to side movement that you can have with swing arm lifts.  Also,  it’s perfect if you need to fit a boat into a tight docking situation, or a dock that may be a little too short to accommodate a pontoon boat.  This lift travels both forward and up so you can put a larger boat in a shorter boat slip.

Diagram and photo of a Classic Model boat lift

Classic model boat lift.  Unique design. Ideal for rough water areas. Can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of boats.

Free Floater Boat Lift

A Free Floater boat lift model from Boat Floater of Oklahoma can also be modified to become a pontoon boat lift. This model is the most common model we install for pontoon and tritoon boats.  Pontoon and tritoon boats tend to be wide.  The design of the Free Floater allows the wider boat to fit in a narrower boat slip.  If your pontoon boat has an 8.5′ stability beam, this lift can make it fit in a 10′ boat slip.  Another great feature is the polyethylene dock brackets.  This type of dock bracket essentially eliminates the “squeak” and side to side movement common with other boat lifts.

Diagram & photo of a Free Floater boat lift

Boat Floater Free Floater model can be modified to your specific boat.  Ideal for wide boats in narrow slips.

Why Boat Floater of Oklahoma?

Boat Floater of Oklahoma is Oklahoma’s Boat Lift Specialist.  We install more pontoon and tritoon boat lifts than anyone in Oklahoma.  Boat lifts are all we do and we have a Boat Floater model that can accommodate your specific boat docking needs.  All new Boat Floater lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty on heavy-duty polyethylene tanks.  The lifts are easy to upgrade by adding a kit, or an extra tank for when you buy a bigger boat.